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Belleek Classic Lady of Knock Statue

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  • Belleek is located in County Fermanagh and has been producing fine pottery since its founding in 1857. They began producing their signature parian ware in 1863.
  • Each and every Belleek piece undergoes the factory’s 16 Hands process, which ensures each Lady of Knock is flawless.
  • Our beautiful 11-inch statue stands alone and is detailed with 24-karat gold. Delicate gold lettering at the base reads “Our Lady of Knock.”
  • Our Lady of Knock statue is crafted from parian porcelain, which has the appearance of a marble statue.
  • Our serene, lovely figure is a perfect present for any occasion, including confirmations, weddings, and housewarmings.


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Belleek’s exquisite Our Lady of Knock statue replicates the pensive and heavenly beauty of the vision of Mary, as seen in an apparition in the 19th century. The 11 inch figure is crafted from fine parian china and pure 24-karat gold. Expert craftmanship ensures her dress and cloak ripple with lifelike detail. Atop her head sits a golden crown and a delicate gold ornament fastens her cloak. The small base of our statue reads “Our Lady of Knock” in gold script.

On the evening of August 21, 1879, rain was coming down in sheets while Mary Beirne, a young girl from the village of Knock, Co. Mayo, accompanied the priest’s housekeeper, to her door. As she passed the parish church, Church of Saint John the Baptist, she caught sight of a glowing apparition that would forever change the history of her small village.

Out there in the rain, Mary claimed to have seen the life size figures of the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and Saint John the Evangelist, all standing before an altar displaying a cross and a lamb (the traditional symbols of the Baby Jesus), surrounded by angels. She ran home to tell her parents what she had seen, and as word spread, a small crowd gathered to witness the vision. Fifteen people stood for two hours in the pouring rain, reciting the Rosary, to celebrate the blessed apparition. Although the villagers themselves were soaked to the bone, the gathered crowd observed that no raindrops fell on the church gable or on the three holy figures.

Just a few months later, the Irish Catholic Church ordered a Commission of inquiry to determine the veracity of the event. After interviewing the villagers who had claimed to see the apparition, the Commission ruled that the collective testimony was trustworthy and satisfactorily described what was nothing short of a miraculous appearance.

The shrine established at Knock quickly became a popular visiting place for pilgrims and skeptics alike. Over the years, many believe to have received cures or holy favors from praying at the shrine. Crutches and walking sticks are left at the purported scene of the apparition, a testament to its healing powers.

Those who saw the apparition that night describe the vision of Our Lady as being very beautiful, and wearing a floor length cape that fastened at the neck. She was deep in prayer, with eyes raised toward heaven, her hands at shoulder level.

Founded in 1857, Belleek is Ireland’s oldest operating fine china pottery, and since its establishment, has played in important role in the country’s commercial and cultural life. Today, Belleek produces about 100,000 pieces of pottery annually, the majority of which are made of parian porcelain, which was created to mimic the glossy, white look of marble. Like all Belleek porcelain pieces, Our Lady of Knock statue is guaranteed flawless after undergoing a rigorous and detailed molding, firing, and examination process.

More than 160 years of Belleek artistry ensures that each piece carries the legacy of hundreds of craftspeople. Their famous parian porcelain quickly became famous not only in Ireland, but all over the world. It even became the go-to china for Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, and today many exquisite Belleek antiques can be viewed in London’s Victoria and Albert Museum.

The Our Lady of Knock statue marries Belleek’s legacy with Irish Catholic tradition. Her understated elegance will make her a perfect ornament to watch over any home, and she makes an excellent wedding, anniversary, or Christmas gift. 

Product Features We Adore

Parian Porcelain

Designed to give the appearance of marble sculpture

24 Karat Gold Detailing

Bring attention to the finely-detailed design elements


Able to be displayed anywhere and everywhere

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