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Extensive Collection of Irish Hoodies for Children 

Every kid needs some good layering pieces. With’s collection of Kid’s Irish hoodies and fleeces, they’ll never have to be chilly again. Our selection of name brand pieces from companies like Traditional Craft and Lansdowne outer layers are all warm, cute and practical. All of our products are top-quality, made to withstand a lot of wear and tear from an active child.

"Ireland" Zipper Hoodies

Since the mid-20th century, Traditional Craft has been producing some of the finest Irish clothing for all ages. Their children’s line is a perfect way to start your kid on a timeless bit of Irish design and history. All our products are designed in Ireland and feature classic Irish design elements or motifs. 

  • Navy Kids Irish Fleece Hoodie- a zippered fleece hoodie with “IRELAND” embroidered across the front in green and navy blue with green accents, so no matter which color scheme your child prefers, there’s something there for all.
  • Girls Ireland Zipper Hoodie- another favorite from our children’s hoodie and fleece collection is a quarter zip fleece hoodie that comes in both green and pink. 
  • Emerald/Black Farmer Sheep Raglan Hoodie- what really sets this item apart from the rest of the flock is the oversized sheep on the front, complete with a shamrock ear tag and “Ireland” written in Gaelic font below. Sheep shearing and wool manufacturing are ancient Irish trades, so in this sweater, you’ll find a subtle reference to a heritage that goes back to the days of St. Patrick. Plus, there’s the obvious “fleece” pun not to be missed. You and your child will get a kick out of this clever and cute hoodie.

Children's Irish Rugby Hoodies

Another popular style of children hoodies made in Ireland is not technically a hoodie at all, but a long-sleeved rugby shirt that can be used as a layering piece with a little added flair. Rugby is one of the country’s most popular games, so if your little boy or girl has any interest or ability, it’s never too early to start buying them the proper attire. 

  •  Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top- with two color schemes available for the kid who likes green and pink or white and green, this rugby shirt invokes Ireland’s long history of sports and athleticism.

 Our Irish Shirts, though designed for rugby, are also great for any other outdoor activities, such as soccer, track and field, and even baseball during the colder spring days. Made from 100% cotton, they are easy to wash and will last as long as your child doesn’t outgrow it.

Children Aran Cardigans

One of our favorite items is a chunky Baby Aran Hoodie that comes in white natural color. Made from 100% merino wool, this hoodie is super soft to the touch, perfect for the sensitive skin of a child. Our gorgeous Baby Aran Hoodie is knitted in an iconic traditional Aran cable and diamond pattern. 

 The Aran stitch patterns are a historic part of the Irish garment industry, having originated in the remote Aran Islands at the turn of the 20th century. Originally designed by the women of the house to help keep their husbands and sons warm while they set out on the Atlantic for fishing, these sweaters and their knit patterns soon became a highly-sought-after commodity, even gracing the pages of Vogue magazine in the 1950s. Today, they are as evocative of Ireland as the shamrock or the harp.

Whatever layer you’re looking for, we are all imbued with a sense of Irish heritage and history, so that your child can carry on the legacy of Irish pride in the house and wherever they roam, whether on the playground or the hallways of the school. offers 100% free standard shipping and carries no hidden fees. What you see is what you get, so order now and take advantage of our great selection of Kids Irish hoodies and fleeces.


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  • R7184 Green Ireland Sport Kids Shirt Lifestye R7184 Green Ireland Sport Kids Shirt

    Green Ireland Sport Kids Shirt

    Our Lansdowne Kids Green Grindle Kids 1/4 Zip Performance Top is a functional choice for kids who like to play or exercise, or for an Irish-inspired gift. Made from 100% flexible polyester, this long-sleeved shirt is durable and will keep your young one...

  • R7143 Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top R7143 Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top R7143 Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top R7143 Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top R7143 Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top

    Ireland Long Sleeve Kids Shamrock Rugby Top

    This stylish, long-sleeved kid's rugby shirt from Lansdowne is a popular favorite! A relaxed fit and side seam splits leave lots of room for an active kid to run, jump, and play, and the small crest over the heart features the national Irish rugby team...

  • R7162 Kids Fleece Irish Hoodie

    Kids Fleece Irish Hoodie

    Our bold hoodie is the perfect gift for your little one to daily remind them of their Irish heritage. It is masterfully crafted of fleece polyester, a high-quality material that provides many benefits - it is long-lasting, soft, and warm which makes it a...

  • Sale

    Malham Kids Ireland Hoody

    The Malham Kids Ireland Hoodie will keep the Irish kid in your life warm and comfortable wherever they wear it. It’s a great way to indulge their Irish pride and let them represent their heritage with style. The emerald green hoodie has ribbed...

    Was: $39.95
    Now: $31.96
  • T7515 Kids Irish Hoodie Picture T7515 Kids Irish Hoodie Picture

    Kids Irish Hoodie

    Our Grey Ireland Republic Pullover Style Hoodie is a perfect addition to children’s wardrobe, whether they want to celebrate Irish heritage or simply dress in a sporty yet stylish way. Made from soft and comfortable material, this essential garment...

  • R7171 Kids Long Sleeve Ireland Shirt

    Kids Long Sleeve Ireland Shirt

    Our kids’ shirt is a fun way to celebrate Irish culture and heritage. It is crafted with high attention to detail of a poly-cotton blend, ensuring not only durability and resistance but also softness - the perfect combination for your little one to...

  • Lansdowne Emerald Ireland Full Zip Baby Hoodie R7173

    Lansdowne Emerald Ireland Full Zip Baby Hoodie

    Dress your baby with Irish pride with this Lansdowne Emerald Ireland Full Zip Baby Hoodie. Featuring a large hood, front pockets, and a bevy of design elements, this super cute hoodie is the perfect way to take your new baby out for St. Patrick’s...

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    Trad Craft White Trinity Sequin Kids Long Sleeve Top TRIN7000 Trad Craft White Trinity Sequin Kids Long Sleeve Top TRIN7000

    White Trinity Sequin Kids Long Sleeve Top

    Your little girl is going to love this adorable long-sleeved top from Trad Craft’s Trinity College line. The design features long sleeves, lovely ruffled shoulders, a white collar, a shiny Trinity text on the chest and a bright pink emblem. This...

    Was: $34.95
    Now: $15.50
  • Aran Woollen Mills Baby Aran Sweater R404669 Front View Lifestyle Aran Woollen Mills Baby Aran Sweater R404669 Garment

    Baby Aran Sweater

    Our delightful Baby Aran sweater is knitted in an iconic traditional Aran cable and diamond pattern and is hand knitted from 100% merino wool. The super soft, luxurious feel of this incredible little garment adds just the right amount of extra warmth for...

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