Shop Guinness hats and caps on Featuring a range of baseball caps, stocking hats, beanies, flat caps, and more Guinness headwear, this line is a great way to show off your love of Guinness and all things Irish.

Official Guinness Caps and Hats Collection 

The whole hat range showcases perfect stitching and high-quality fabrics. It is the attention to detail and the fantastic designs that bring this range to life. Guinness merchandise is internationally recognized for a reason and these hats are a perfect example of how clothing can be created and presented with an edge of quality and prestige. All our Guinness hats and caps are officially licensed Guinness merchandise, made to the same exacting standards as Guinness Draught itself.
Each cap bears some version of the trademark Guinness logo, ranging from a simple graphic harp to the label for Guinness Extra Stout and even the signature of Arthur Guinness himself. Whether you’re looking for a classic Guinness baseball cap, an elegant patchwork Guinness flat cap or a vintage-inspired trucker hat with the trademark Guinness harp, we’ve got you covered.

Guinness Bottle Opener Baseball Caps

Our selection of Guinness baseball hats even contains a small range of Guinness bottle opener caps, with a metal bottle opener either sewn into the bill or affixed to the side of the bill.
Guinness Black Label Opener Cap- this best-selling Guinness Black Gaelic Label cap is made of breathable cotton and is fully adjustable with a Velcro-strapped closure.
Guinness Shamrock Bottle Cap Hat- this Guinness will make a playful accessory for St.Patrick's Day. On the face of the cap is the Guinness name in its signature lettering set against a bold green shamrock flower.
Guinness Ireland Opener Cap- this bottle-green cap is sturdy and high-quality, featuring authentic Guinness embroidery.
These hats are as much a conversation piece as they are a party necessity. You’ll never be without a bottle opener again. The Guinness harp logo dates back to the mid 19th century and is one of the first brand logos not to feature what was then the standard of advertising, an image of the factory or building where the company was headquartered. The logo is modeled after the Trinity College Harp, a rare medieval harp dating to the 14th or 15th centuries and one of the oldest Gaelic harps in the world, and possibly the oldest. The use of a harp as a symbol of Ireland dates back to the early 16th century, with the coat of arms of Leinster featuring a left-facing version of the Trinity harp. When Guinness began using the harp in its logo, it switched it to face right and trademarked the design in 1876, a year after the first Trade Marks Registration Act was passed. Today, it has become as much a symbol of Ireland as Guinness has. And often the two are intertwined, with the Guinness harp signifying Irish pubs throughout the world.

Official Guinness Knit Hats also sells a great selection of Guinness beanies and stocking caps, for those chilly days watching hurling or just walking to and from the office. With styles that range from a classic cuffless beanie to an Aran cable knit hat in cream to burgundy, white and black knit hat with pompom, our Guinness caps are suitable for any style or cold-weather occasion.
Burgundy Guinness Speckle Striped Bobble Hat- a thick ribbed knit hat that is composed of speckled grey, white, and sharp maroon stripes and a cheerful maroon puff-bobble.
Natural Guinness Cable & Rib Knit Hat- this cozy cable and rib-knit hat made of chunky wool makes the ideal winter accessory for Guinness lovers.
Charcoal Guinness Harp Knit Hat- for a warm and cozy cold-weather accessory this acrylic knit is the option to get. Great at insulating, and the dark gray color is amazing too.
Guinness Official Knit Trademark Hat- this sleek black hat is embroidered across the front near the brim with the famous Guinness logo, complete with the signature harp.
Whether you’re looking for bold Guinness text across the front of the hat, or you prefer a subtler invocation of the brand in the form of an embossed leather harp tag, we’ve got you covered.

Traditional Guinness Irish Tweed Flat Caps

Also available are novelty hats like a Guinness bucket hat, or fisherman’s hat, Guinness flat caps, available both in a beautiful patchwork pattern of wool swatches as well as traditional grey herringbone wool.
Grey Guinness Tweed Flat Cap- this 100% Tweed Cap is sewn from two contrasting soft grey tweeds that give it mesmerizing texture and dimension.
Guinness Patchwork Cap- for a memorable gift for any Guinness lover look no further than this tartan Guinness patchwork flat cap that comes with an embroidered Guinness logo and emblem on the brim.

Guinness Pint Hats

For a festive outfit have a look at our Guinness black pint fun hat, which takes the 19th-century look of a stovepipe hat, but replaces the central pipe with a pint of perfectly-poured Guinness, complete with a cream-colored head at the top. It’s a great gift for St. Patrick’s Day, or any Irish-themed party.

Founded in 1759, Guinness is one of Ireland’s most successful companies, recognized the world over as a pinnacle of quality and camaraderie. With our collection of Guinness hats and caps, you’ll never be without a reminder of that heritage again. Shop the whole headwear selection today.

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  • Guinness Signature Black Beanie G6195-OS

    Guinness Signature Black Beanie

    Add a dose of Irishness into your wardrobe, with this stylish Guinness Beanie! Made from 100% soft and warm Acrylic, this hat is not only comfortable but also highly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that it will last for years to come. The Guinness...

  • Grey Guinness Tweed Flat Cap G6189 Grey Guinness Tweed Flat Cap G6189

    Grey Guinness Tweed Flat Cap

    Highlight your style with our fashionable Grey Guinness Tweed Flat Cap. Made of 100% Tweed, a highly-durable and warm material that acts as a great heat insulator, our cap will keep you warm and cozy during colder seasons, lasting for years to come. The...

  • G6234-OS Men's Guinness Baseball Cap

    Men's Guinness Baseball Cap

    Tall pints of Guinness can already be seen on the tables of any typical Irish pub. Guinness is closely associated with Irish culture and the way the Irish celebrate. Get this Men's Guinness Baseball Cap for yourself or the other Guinness fans in your...

  • Guinness Official Trademark Knit Hat G6132

    Guinness Official Knit Trademark Hat

    Keep your head warm in Guinness style out in the cold with this Guinness Black Beanie Hat with White Guinness Trademark Logo. This hat comes in simple, sleek black that will match with any color or outfit. Embroidered across the front near the brim...

  • Guinness Black Shamrock Bottle Cap Opener Hat G6133

    Guinness Shamrock Bottle Cap Hat

    This baseball cap is made of 100% cotton, providing breathable comfort in a versatile style that will match anything. The front of the cap features the Guinness name in its signature lettering set against a bold green shamrock flower in the background...

  • Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035

    Guinness Patchwork Cap

    The definition of old school, this tartan Guinness flat cap is a salute to both Irish fashion and your great taste in beer! Please note that since this is a patchwork cap, the cloth pattern may vary from this image, since every patchwork cap is unique...

  • Charcoal Guinness Harp Design Knit Hat G6164

    Charcoal Guinness Harp Knit Hat

    The perfect topper for any cold-weather look, this charcoal knit beanie from Guinness is a lifesaver all year around. Lightweight, warm and cozy, this acrylic knit is great at insulating, and the dark gray color is amazing too. Acrylic is known for being...

  • G6232 Green Guinness Patch Flat Cap Front G6232 Green Guinness Patch Flat Cap Back G6232 Green Guinness Patch Flat Cap Bottom

    Green Guinness Patch Flat Cap

    Get the perfect Irish look with the stylish Irish flat cap! This classic hat is made from a comfortable blend of 60% acrylic and 40% wool, giving you a warm and cozy fit. Acrylic retains shape very well, it’s lightweight, breathable, and has...

  • Guinness Black Label Cap G6000

    Guinness Black Label Cap

    This hat is popular with all ages and comes in one size that fits all. The stamp of Guinness quality and heritage sits like a crest in the center of the front panel. The detailed embroidery of the crest also gives it an added layer of texture. This hat...

  • Guinness Ireland Bottle Opener Cap G6146-OS Guinness Ireland Bottle Opener Cap G6146-OS

    Guinness Ireland Opener Cap

    This popular bottle-opening Guinness cap is both cute and practical. It is made from 100% breathable Cotton, a great moisture resistant and durable material. The bottle green cap is sturdy and high quality, featuring authentic Guinness embroidery that...

  • Guinness Ireland Baseball Cap G6203-OS

    Guinness Ireland Baseball Cap

    This tweed baseball cap from Guinness comes with a raised logo featuring a St. James's Gate Dublin Ireland label and gold harp emblem on the front, as well as the year the brand was founded (1759!) on the back. The stylish and authentic design makes this...

  • Guinness Black Label Opener Cap G6153 Guinness Black Label Opener Cap G6153

    Guinness Black Label Opener Cap

    This best-selling Guinness Black Label Opener cap is chock-full of great features. It’s made with an easy-to-clean breathable durable and moisture resistant cotton. The cap is fully adjustable with a Velcro Strap closure and three-dimensional Irish...

  • G6225-OS Black Guinness Performance Baseball Cap

    Black Guinness Performance Baseball Cap

    Promote your culture through fashion with our Black Guinness Performance Baseball Cap. Made out of 100% cotton, this charming baseball cap is soft, durable, breathable, and has great insulation and moisture control - the ideal accessory to wear all year...

  • Guinness Foreign Stout Label Baseball Cap G6212-OS

    Guinness Foreign Stout Label Baseball Cap

    If you would describe your style as rough around the edges with charming Irish character, then you’ll love this Guinness Foreign Stout Label Baseball Cap. This hat is made of 100% cotton which guarantees great comfort, breathability, and durability...

  • Guinness Black Pint Design Fun Hat G6008

    Guinness Black Pint Fun Hat

    Show off your love for Guinness in an amusing yet stylish way with the Guinness Black Pint Fun Hat. Crafted of 100% Polyester, this hat is soft, durable, and will keep its vibrant colors for many years to come. Designed to look like a pint of Irish-style...

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