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Knit with gorgeous & traditional Aran patterns, soft, plush and warm, our Irish sweaters are built to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Comfortable and cozy, the wool fabrics are of the highest quality and the ideal cold weather antidote.

Aran Sweaters’ History

The Aran sweaters among this Kids Irish Sweaters collection carry on the rich tradition of a common staple in Irish fashion that originated during the 1890s in the Aran Islands, which are located off the western coast of Ireland. Fishing was the main livelihood of Aran Island men, so their wives and mothers would knit these sweaters from unscoured wool to keep the fishermen warm during the terribly cold winters. Aran sweaters gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and they were particularly admired for their ornately-woven patterns that possess special meanings.
Some of the well-known Aran stitches include the honeycomb, which represents the hard-working honey bee and the dedicated workers of the Aran Islands, the moss stitch that symbolizes growth and carrageenan moss, which is the type of seaweed that lines the stone walls of the Aran Islands, and the zigzag, which represents the jagged cliffs of the Aran Islands. Other popular stitches are the diamond, which represents a blessing for wealth and abundance, the basket, which represents the fisherman's basket for good luck in making abundant catches, and the cable, which symbolizes prayers for safety and good luck in the island fisherman’s everyday life.

Children’s Sweaters from Ireland

These kids Aran sweaters are made from 100% Merino wool, offering rich warmth, softness, and moisture-wicking breathability that will keep your little one feeling comfortably dry all day. Our adorable Aran sweaters your little will love:

  • Hand Knit Baby Aran Sweater features stylish touches like brown football buttons that accent the collars and create lovely color and texture contrast with the soft Merino wool.
  • Baby Hand Knit Aran Crew Sweater is one particularly cute selection which will delight any child with the face of a darling sheep that decorates the front and has three-dimensional, fluffy white wool on his head that kids can actually touch. Sheep are beloved inhabitants and symbols of Ireland, as millions of them roam and live on the breathtaking hills and countryside of Ireland. A widely popular Irish joke is that there are so many sheep in Ireland that they outnumber the people on the island!
  • Irish Green Shamrock Kids Sweater is ideal for kids who like to wear their Irish pride. This sweater is available in a distinguished navy blue and also a soft cream color. Both colors feature a bold and vibrant fluffy shamrock flower in green on the front, with ‘IRELAND’ displayed in the lower left corner, also in green. Admired for its naturally beautiful design that consists of three heart-shaped leaves and a stem, the shamrock is the national flower of Ireland and a popular symbol of good fortune. It also has a special connection to Ireland’s revered Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick actually used the flower’s three leaves to explain the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of the Holy Trinity to Irish Christian converts. Before the time of Saint Patrick, Druids believed that the shamrock had special powers that enabled it to ward off danger by detecting bad spirits. The shamrock’s leaves have also been believed to stand for faith, hope, and love. This Shamrock Kids Sweater is made of pure acrylic that provides quality softness and warmth, and it is finished off with a ribbed trimming on the cuffs of the sleeves, the hem, and the crew neck collar, giving it an overall classically sharp look.

Whether it’s for your little ones, relatives, or children of close friends, we have a wonderful range of Kids’ Irish Sweater items that make great gifts for any occasion!

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