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At Shamrock Gifts, we are proud of our eclectic, substantial assortment of Irish clothing for Kids. We’re talking about gorgeous soft Aran sweaters and cardigans, Irish-themed hoodies, t-shirts, accessories, and baby items: there’s something for every kid!

 Irish Wool sweaters for Kids

With the wonderful selection of Aran sweaters and blankets, you can start your babies and children early in teaching them about the significance and beauty of Irish culture. Get to know our Beautiful Aran Sweaters for Kids:

  • Baby Handknit Aran Crew Sweater- this wonderful sweater is made from 100% Hand Knit Merino Wool that will treat your children’s delicate skin with luxurious softness and warmth.
  • Baby Aran Sweater Hand Knit- this lovely Natural sweater comes with cute three-button shoulder detail. Knitted with classic Aran cable and diamond stitches that add amazing texture and beauty to the overall look of the sweater.
  • Children's Sweaters from Ireland- these marvelous sweaters come in different sizes and colors making them perfect for everyone.

Aran-style sweaters first appeared in the 1890s in the Aran Islands, which are located off the western coast of Ireland. Fishing was the main livelihood of Aran Island men, so the wives and mothers on the island would knit these sweaters from unscoured wool to keep the fishermen warm during the icy cold winters. Aran sweaters gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and they were particularly admired for their elaborately-woven patterns that possess symbolic meanings. Some of the commonly known Aran stitches include the honeycomb, which represents the hard-working honey bee and the dedicated workers of the Aran Islands, the moss stitch that symbolizes carrageenan moss, which is the seaweed that lines the stone walls of the Aran Islands and also represents growth, and the zigzag, which signifies the cliffs of the Aran Islands. Other well-known stitches are the diamond, which represents a blessing for wealth, abundance, and success, the basket, which signifies the fisherman's basket for good luck in making plentiful catches, and the cable, which symbolizes prayers for safety and good fortune in the fisherman’s everyday life.

100% Merino Wool

These Aran sweaters and blankets are handcrafted from 100% wool, offering rich warmth, softness, and moisture-wicking breathability that will keep your little one feeling comfortable and dry all day. Fun pieces like the kid’s wool shawl and ski hat with a cute bobble detail are great for keeping your child insulated outside in the cold, while the adorable Aran Wool Baby Blankets are perfect gifts for special occasions like baby showers, first birthdays, and christenings.

Kids Irish T-shirts

One feature that many of the t-shirts and sweaters display that kids will love are cute little sheep in animated three-dimensional styles, vibrant colors, and more. Sheep are beloved inhabitants and symbols of Ireland, as millions of them peacefully reside on the lush hills and countryside of the Emerald Isle. Many commonly joke that there are so many of them that they outnumber the people in the country!
Speaking of sheep, some of Ireland’s most popular sheep are the lively characters of the Wacky Woollies clan! These sheep have their own personalities and come in a fun mix of colors and patterns that any child will enjoy. Some of the members of this bunch include Angry, the red sheep with steam coming from his ears, Trippy, the cross-eyed sheep with multi-colored zigzag wool, Sad, the blue sheep with a rain cloud hovering over his head, Confused, the purple sheep with question marks hanging over his head, Lucky, the green sheep surrounded by lucky horseshoes, Happy, the yellow sheep, Cheesy, the orange sheep with yellow flowers on his wool, Sleepy, the blue and white striped slumbering sheep, and Chatty, the pink sheep talking on the phone. These kooky characters are featured on available accessories like the Wacky Woollies Fold Up Bag and the Wacky Woollies School Bag.
Another animated character featured in lively colors and designs in Kids Clothing items like baby socks and t-shirts is the leprechaun. Leprechauns are mischievous little creatures from Irish fairy tales that make shoes and gather gold coins in pots they hide at the bottom of a rainbow. According to these fairy tales, if a person captures the leprechaun, then the leprechaun will grant him three wishes if he sets the tiny being free.
This collection of Irish Kids Clothing comes in an endless range of colors, styles, and designs, so there is something for each and every one of your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, and more!

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