Aran Woollen Mills

SuperSoft Merino Knit Patch Baby Blanket


■ Knit from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, this Aran blanket offers a sophisticated touch of softness & breathability, ensuring warmth and coziness
■ Featuring a patchwork of Aran stitches, including the classic cable, honeycomb, diamond, and moss patterns, this blanket carries the essence of the Emerald Isle
■ Measuring 32 x 22", thoughtfully sized for various uses – whether draped over a couch, used as a bed runner or as a warming wrap, our blanket will add warmth to your home
■ Crafted by Aran Woolen Mills in Ireland, this Aran blanket boasts authenticity & Irish craftsmanship, becoming a heartfelt housewarming present for a dear one



Wrap yourself in softness and add a touch of Irish charm to your space with our SuperSoft Merino Knit Patch Throw – a masterpiece combining comfort, quality craftsmanship, and a culturally-inspired design.
Crafted from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, this throw boasts exceptional softness and coziness. SuperSoft Merino wool is a testament to quality, offering an ideal balance of comfort and heat regulation. Additionally, this natural material is durable and resistant, ensuring it will withstand the test of time in your home.The blanket showcases timeless patterns that are inspired by the remote Aran Islands situated on the western shores of the Emerald Isle. These motifs were originally created to provide insulation for the raw wool sweaters donned by Irish fishermen during their sea ventures. The texture of this design conferred a dual benefit, ensuring both breathability and exceptional heat insulation, effectively aiding the fishermen in conquering the demanding circumstances of the Atlantic environment. Our Aran blanket is meticulously fashioned using the same method, guaranteeing comfort regardless of weather conditions, without causing overheating.
The culturally-inspired design of intricate Aran stitching brings Irish charm and significance to this throw. Each stitch carries a story – the classic cable stitch represents fishermen's ropes, and it is said that local women were knitting this stitch as a genuine wish of good luck and safety. The honeycomb stitch represents the diligent and hardworking bees and their rewards, being also a symbol of good fortune. The diamond stitch represents the little farms scattered over the Aran islands and is a symbol of prosperity and success. Finally, the moss stitch represents the carrageen moss that can be found on the island's shores, a symbol of abundance and prosperity.
Sized 32 x 22 inches, this throw is thoughtfully tailored for various uses – whether to be elegantly draped over a couch or bed, or serving as a comforting companion to your favorite reading chair. Its generous proportions make it a perfect companion for those chilly evenings at home, providing warmth and softness.
Crafted by Aran Woolen Mills in Ireland, this throw is the epitome of Irish craftsmanship and authenticity. This blanket makes a great housewarming gift, adding a touch of Irish allure to any home.