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Guinness Merchandise

Who doesn’t love Guinness? Now, you can take your love of Guinness with you - anywhere you go! Grab the official Guinness rugby jersey, and wear your Irish pride on your sleeve as you bike, run or just go about town. If jerseys aren’t your style, we’ve also got T-shirts, caps, jackets, hoodies and more to choose from. The tie between Ireland and Guinness is one made of steel. Few people will visit this great nation without sinking a pint (or a half pint) of the smooth black stuff. There are some serious fans out there intent on collecting all things Guinness – and who can blame them – there is some extremely slick and stylish gear to collect. You can even fill your home with the love of Guinness. Pick up some Guinness-themed pint glasses for your kitchen, an official Guinness print poster for your wall or even custom-made Guinness coasters for the table. If you’re not a Guinness fan yourself, our official products make perfect gifts as well. Chances are you know quite a few Guinness lovers, they are everywhere! Surprise your friends with Guinness-themed birthday presents, stocking stuffers or even bachelor party gifts. Until you have experienced a Guinness Gift shop firsthand and seen the full range of official merchandise available you have not lived! We think you will find your browsing as fun as it is productive so what are you waiting for? Get your Guinness fix this instance.

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  1. Guinness Pouring Spoon
  2. Guinness Label Tankard
  3. Guinness Rubber Pub Mat
  4. Guinness Signature Mug
  5. Guinness Ireland 1759 Rugby Top
  6. Guinness Black and Cream Top
  7. Guinness Cookbook
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  8. Guinness Playing Cards
  9. Guinness Ireland Performance Rugby Jersey
  10. Guinness Performance Softshell Jacket
  11. Guinness Harp Trademark Fleece Jacket

Items 1-18 of 157

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