White Ladies Guinness T-Shirt

Was: $30.50
Now: $19.90

■ Made of 100% Cotton which is breathable and gentle on the skin
■ Features a shimmering blue Guinness logo design
■ Ordering one size larger than usual ensures a perfect fit
■ Perfect for ladies that like to wear comfortable, yet stylish clothes
■ Wash by hand or at low temperatures in the machine to prevent shrinking



You can never go wrong with a 100% cotton T-shirt. Cotton is perfect for everyday wear thanks to its breathability and the fact that it feels very light and soft on the skin. The T-shirt is casual, but that doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. It is white, which means that it will go well with all your casual jeans and shorts, no matter the color. Also, the Guinness emblem on the front shines beautifully in the sun. It’s a charming choice for a lady who is a fan of Guinness and loves a nice sporty outfit.