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Bring a touch of authentic Irish charm into your home with’s broad range of premium Royal Tara Celtic stained glass wall hangings! These breathtakingly unique decorative pieces of art will bring a dose of Emerald Isle festivity into your life on the daily, and are guaranteed to impress guests with their high-quality Irish craftsmanship.

Traditional Irish Stained Glass Panels

They come in a huge array of colors, sizes, and shapes -- meaning that there’s no doubt that for every home and every taste, the perfect find is barely a click away. For over 50 years, the internationally-revered Royal Tara company has been producing top-quality pieces of Irish giftware such as these. At their headquarters in Co. Galway, each of their luxury ceramic and glass gifts is meticulously put together and hand-painted by a talented group of Irish artisans.

Celtic Knot Stained Glass

To give each of these pieces a signature Royal Tara flair, one or several traditional Celtic designs are often incorporated into their design -- and these gorgeously whimsical wall hangings are no different. One prominently-recurring feature on this stained glasses art is the Celtic knot, an essential element of some of the recorded oldest artwork to have ever been produced in Ireland. The Celtic knots appearing on these panels evoke the look of those old-world examples: take, for instance, the decorative engravings on the 9th century stone high crosses that pepper the Irish countryside, or the corner details on the pages of the world-famous Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript housed today in the library at Trinity College, Dublin. The craftsmen at Royal Tara aren’t shy about showing off their knowledge of the many different variations of the knot, either!

Trinity Knot Stained Glass

There’s the Trinity knot, a three-pointed specimen associated by Christians with the powers of the Father, the Son, and the Holy spirit, and by pagans with the natural forces of earth, air, and water; the spiral knot, a dizzying trio of loops said to represent the mystery of life; and the endless knot, a never-ending ladder-like knot that acts as a reminder of the eternal nature of true love. Bear all of these meanings in mind while picking out your own stained glass wall panel from our selection here -- your knowledge of the Celtic knots’ symbolism will make it all the more special when it hangs in your home!

Stained Glass Irish Blessings

Also in abundance in the Royal Tara stained glass window panels collection are many traditional Irish blessings. In the Ireland of yesteryear, it was commonly believed that words were more than just words; when spoken with purpose and intention, they could change the course of fate. As such, to receive a blessing from a well-wisher (or a curse from an enemy!) was no meager thing. Many of the most popular traditional blessings make appearances in this panel range: there’s the classic “God bless our home,” “Home is where the heart is,” and “May you live long and laugh often,”:
Bless this Home Oval Panel- this hand-painted oval stained glass panel is designed with a sprightly bird bursting with color and an elegant Celtic Knot accent.
Home is where the Heart is Gothic Panel- this panel exudes vintage elegance with jewel-toned shades of green, blue, and gold in a frame shaped like a stunning gothic window.
Irish Blessing Framed by Traditional Celtic Knot- this beautiful square shaped frame displays the “May the road rise to meet you / May the wind be always at your back / May the sun shine warm upon your face / And the rain fall soft upon your fields / And until we meet again / May God hold you in the hollow of his hand.”
Round Stained Glass Slainte- this round panel features the most simple blessing of all -- “Slainte,” or the Irish language word for “Cheers!”

Eye-grabbing and deeply sentimental, Royal Tara’s collection of Celtic stained glass wall hangings look equally at home hanging from a door, wall, or catching the light of the outside world. For a touch of Irish magic, there really is no better decorative choice thank these works of art -- so get browsing this magnificent range today!

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  • Royal Tara Irish Stained Glass Panel with Home Blessing Motif Royal Tara Irish Stained Glass Panel with Home Blessing Motif Close Up Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing Box Enclosure

    Irish Stained Glass Home Blessing

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  • Royal Tara Irish Blessing Framed by Traditional Celtic Knot Irish Blessing Framed Enclosure Box Royal Tara Irish Blessing Framed by Traditional Celtic Knot

    Irish Blessing Framed by Traditional Celtic Knot

    Irish blessings have been in existence for ages, featuring in the daily lives of many of Ireland’s population. The blessings are messages of well-wishes, prayer, inspiration or encouragement, some having a religious connotation. The phenomenal...

  • Royal Tara Claddagh Ring Gothic Panel Hanging CL-0072-6 Royal Tara Claddagh Ring Gothic Panel Hanging CL-0072-6 Close Up

    Claddagh Ring Gothic Panel

    Share the universal message of love, loyalty, and friendship with guests in your home with this radiant Claddagh Ring Gothic Panel. This hand-painted stained glass panel is pure old-school sophistication with a striking shape inspired by gothic windows...

  • Royal Tara Irish Shamrock Gothic Panel Hanging Irish Shamrock Gothic Panel Hanging Close Up

    Irish Shamrock Gothic Panel

    Our Irish Shamrock Gothic Panel is the epitome of Irish spirit, and it is sure to dazzle anyone who has the privilege of seeing it catch the light in your home. If you’re looking for the perfect piece to show off your love of all things Irish, then...

  • Royal Tara Stained Glass Hanging High Cross Panel Royal Tara Stained Glass Hanging High Cross Box

    Stained Glass Hanging High Cross

    Lovers of majestic Celtic symbolism and church history will adore our Stained Glass Hanging High Cross from The Royal Tara Company. The incredible bursts of color radiating from these hand painted stained glass panels depict the iconic Celtic High Cross...

  • Royal Tara Round Stained Glass Slainte Panel Round Stained Glass Slainte Panel Close Up Round Stained Glass Slainte

    Round Stained Glass Slainte

    Making our living spaces more welcoming, lively, and bright is a crucial component of why home interior design is such a booming business globally. People are particularly interested in how their homes appear, trying so much to impress their guests. Many...

  • Irish Sheep Gothic Panel CL-0072-52 Irish Sheep Gothic Panel Close Up CL-0072-52

    Irish Sheep Gothic Panel

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  • Royal Tara Ornate Failte Stained Glass Panel Royal Tara Ornate Failte Stained Glass Panel Layed on a table Royal Tara Ornate Failte Stained Glass Panel Royal Tara Ornate Failte Stained Glass Panel Ornate Failte Stained Glass Box

    Ornate Failte Stained Glass

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    Royal Tara Lucky Shamrock Gothic Panel Hanging CL-0072-55 Lucky Shamrock Gothic Panel Close Up

    Lucky Shamrock Gothic Panel

    Our festive, hand-painted stained glass Lucky Shamrock Gothic Panel from Royal Tara is the perfect way to bring good luck and optimism to any room and the lucky people in it! The positive blessing featured on our beautiful panel will brighten up...

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    Royal Tara Irish Harp Gothic Panel CL-0072-4 Irish Harp Gothic Panel Close Up CL-0072-4

    Irish Harp Gothic Panel

    For a fun, colorful way to celebrate your love for all things Irish, adorn your home with our Irish Harp Gothic Panel. Inspired by Celtic artwork and illuminated manuscripts, our distinctive stained-glass panel will illuminate your home with color and...

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