Royal Tara

Irish Home Blessing Suncatcher


■  Window hanging made of stained glass, boasting durability and a sophisticated aesthetic

■ The suncatcher displays an Irish blessing, evoking peace & prosperity for your family

■ Measuring 6.3" in width, the panel can be hung on a wall or in front of the window

■  Coming nicely packaged, this blessing suncatcher makes a wonderful Irish gift choice

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Our Irish Home Blessing Suncatcher is a radiant piece of home decor to any home, crafted with precision and care from stained glass – a material renowned for its aesthetic appeal and durability, often use in the making of beautiful pieces of art. This exquisite window hanging displays a heartwarming blessing for your home, invoking peace, plenty, and enduring joy for all who dwell within: 'May peace and plenty bless your home with joy that long endures, & may life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours.' Measuring 6.3" in width, this suncatcher is perfectly sized for versatile display, whether adorning a wall in your favorite room or catching the light in front of a window. Its vibrant colors and intricate design add a touch of Irish charm to any space, creating a beautiful focal point that uplifts the ambiance of your home. More than just a decorative piece, our Irish Home Blessing Suncatcher also makes a meaningful gift for any occasion. Boasting exquisite craftsmanship and a culturally-inspired design, it comes neatly packaged in a thematic box, ready to be presented to a dear one as a token of love and well-wishes.