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For traditional Celtic cross jewelry, there’s no better place to shop than Here, our team of experts have an in-depth understanding of this ancient symbol of Ireland and strive to fill our online catalog with a huge range of pieces to suit any intention and taste.

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No matter the shape, size or style of the Celtic cross you have in mind, we at Shamrock Gift are confident that our extensive collection will have something perfect in store for you. From Celtic cross Pendants and Celtic Cross Bracelets adorned with emeralds, diamonds, gleaming cubic zirconia and more, there’s no end to the gemstone options available

The History of the Celtic Cross

Though the image of the cross has appeared in Irish artwork since pre-Christian times, this symbol was used with most prominence during and after the time that the new faith came to Ireland. Popular Irish legend says that the cross as we know it today was introduced to the natives by Saint. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. The story goes that St. Patrick combined this prominent symbol of Christianity with the pagan sun cross, which allowed new converts to more fully understand its meaning: just as the sun gave life to those on earth, so too did the power of God. The ringed Celtic cross, one of the most common of its kind, is today often seen in the form of the many stone high crosses that pepper the Irish landscape. These were erected by Irish monks between the 9th and 20th centuries, and over the years have come to symbolize the power of faith, perseverance, and loyalty.

Celtic Knot Crosses

Many of our high cross jewelry pieces are accented with variations on the traditional Celtic knot, an ancient element of much early Irish artwork. The Celtic knot comes in many forms: there is the three-pointed Trinity knot, understood by those of the Christian faith as symbolic of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and those of the pagan faith as a representation of the natural forces of earth, water, and air; the endless knot, known to symbolize the power of everlasting love; and the spiral knot, which represents the balance of one’s inner and outer selves, among other variations.

What is the St Brigid Cross?

Also featured on many of our high cross pendants, earrings, rings, and earrings is Saint. Brigid’s cross, an image highly cherished by the people of Ireland. St. Brigid of Kildare is, like St. Patrick, one of Ireland’s most important Christian figures, known for the immensity of her kindness and bravery. Most often, these unusual-looking crosses are weaved from reeds, and for centuries have been hung in doorways and windows all around Ireland as a way to welcome in the springtime and protect a home from harm. Worn on the body, there’s no doubt that it will keep any wearer happy and healthy their whole life long.

Celtic Crosses with Claddagh Design

Another popular feature in our catalog of Celtic cross jewelry is the Claddagh symbol, which, since its inception in the 1700s Galway, has been revered not just in the Emerald Isle, but all over the world. Most commonly found on Claddagh rings, this symbol is comprised of three basic elements: a heart, which represents love and care, a pair of hands, which represent friendship, and a crown, which represents undying loyalty. Together, these three features communicate a set of values that are guaranteed to steer any Claddagh jewelry wearer in the right direction as they navigate the twisting paths of life.

So don’t forget that an Irish Celtic Cross is always an excellent option when seeking out the right thing for someone special, or even just when you feel like treating yourself. There really is something for everyone!

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31 of 31 Items