Gold Plated Celtic Cross Pendant - Black


■ An elegant and durable gold-plated pendant
■ Celtic Cross design to honor Irish history and culture
■ Contrasting black and gold pattern, detailed with vibrant shades
■ Avoid long exposure to water and sunlight in order to maintain longer
■ The pendant measures 3/4 inches long

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Get this unique and elegant Celtic Cross pendant if you want to accessorize your outfits in a stylish way that also honors your culture. Plated with gold and with the Celtic Cross colored in black, this pendant is going to last you a long time while also looking good with any outfit. Not only is this a flattering accessory, but it honors the history and culture of Ireland. The pendant measures 3/4 inches long and it comes with a chain. Avoid long exposure to water or sweat in order to maintain this impressive accessory for a long time.