Sterling Silver Small Cross Stud Earrings Post

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■ Superb Irish earrings, made in Dublin, by Solvar 
■ Made of fine Sterling Silver, guaranteeing long-lasting durability 
■ Comfortable stud earrings, lightweight and ideal for daily wear, 0.47” H x 0.31” W 
■ Celtic Cross design that symbolizes the spiritual journey of humans 

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Embrace your Celtic heritage and your connection with your spiritual side with these charming Sterling Silver Small Cross Stud Earrings Post.
Made in Dublin, by Solvar, our earrings come with an unmatched authentic feeling. They were crafted with care and meticulous attention to detail. Made of fine Sterling Silver, the earrings are guaranteed to last a lifetime! They promise long-lasting durability, especially if taken proper care of. You can clean the earrings with warm water and soap. Please avoid exposing them to moisture or direct sunlight. It is best to store them in a dry, enclosed space, in order to avoid potential tarnishing.
The earrings come in a stud style, being lightweight and very easy to wear. They are very comfortable so you can wear them on a daily basis.
The Celtic Cross is an ancient religious symbol. This cross represents the human desire to unravel the mysteries of life in Celtic philosophy. It can also be seen as a compass guiding us on our spiritual journey. This symbol accurately represents Celtic ideas about life and spirituality. Our pendant is ideal for wearing when you want to honor your ancestors.