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Whether you’re shopping for a special treat for yourself or the ultimate gift for an important woman in your life, look no further than’s gorgeous range of Celtic-inspired pendant necklaces.

Celtic Pendant Necklaces Made in Ireland


Created by expert jewelers and jewelry designers in the Emerald Isle itself, each piece in this range is infused with elegance and essence that could only come from the spirited Irish people. Even if your targeted recipient has no connection to Ireland (though you’ll find that most people all over the world do, if only in their hearts), the unique beauty and deeply meaningful features of these Irish pendants make them a phenomenal choice that they’re sure to treasure their whole life long.

Claddagh Pendant Necklaces

Consider, for example, Claddagh, which is, without doubt, one of the most potently Irish jewelry brands included in our online catalog. Most famous for the world-famous Claddagh ring, which has been in constant production for the last 300 years, the Claddagh jewelry range has nowadays extended its offerings to earrings, bangles, and, yes, pendants! Each of these stunning pieces bears the iconic Claddagh logo: a heart (representing the love of all kinds) being held by a pair of hands (representing the importance of friendship) and topped by a crown (representing loyalty). Together, these three visual elements convey some of the most essential values held by the people of Ireland and are said to help keep the jewelry-wearer steady on the right path in life.
Connemara Marble Claddagh Necklace- a refined and elegant way to show your Irish pride. The dark green toned Marble makes this pendant unique and full of personality.
Gold Claddagh Heart Emerald Pendant- if you want to add some shiny gold jewelry pieces to your collection this pendant is the one to go. Comes with a Green Emerald Heart.
Rhodium Claddagh Pendant with Crystals- this flawless Claddagh necklace is adorned with tens of small crystals for a polished and shiny look.

Claddagh Birthstone Pendants

As an added bonus, many of our breathtaking Claddagh pendants come complete with one of the twelve official birthstones embedded in their hearts. As each stone corresponds with a different month of the year, these pendants make an excellent birthday gift idea for a mother, daughter, sister or friend who loves a little mysticism now and then. It’s even said that every gemstone brings a unique kind of luck to the wearer!

Celtic Cross Necklaces

Other traditional Irish symbols to be seen on our range of striking pendants include the Celtic cross. Echoing the appearance of the 9th century stone standing crosses that still pepper the remains of early Irish monastic sites today, these delicately-rendered pendants make a fantastic gift idea for anyone deeply in touch with the Irish heritage, faith, or both. For the many centuries that Ireland’s true standing crosses have weathered the elements, they have become associated with both loyalty and determination -- a very touching pair of sentiments to pass along to anyone special in your life.

Celtic Knot Pendants

Going back further still in Irish history, many of our Celtic-style pendants are also finished with a miniature Celtic Knot. One of the most ancient and mysterious elements in all of Ireland’s artistic legacy, the Celtic Knot can be seen today as engravings decorating the above-mentioned stone high crosses of the Irish landscape, and also in abundance on the pages of the Book of Kells, a world-famous illuminated manuscript housed in the library at Trinity College, Dublin. The knot, in both these examples and our pendant range, comes in many different variations and styles: there is the Trinity knot, whose three points have been theorized by Christians to symbolize the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and by pagans to represent the natural forces of earth, air, and water; the spiral knot, whose rounded loops represent both the unknowability of the universe and its balance; and the endless knot, whose never-ending ladder-like appearance has often been associated with eternal love.

Whether you’re on the lookout for ladies' pendants that are gold or silver, elaborate or understated, we at Shamrock Gift are confident that our professionally-curated catalog of stunning women's jewelry will have the right fit for you. Authentic Irish pendant necklaces, a vast array of styles, and some of the most reasonable prices you’ll find anywhere online -- it really doesn’t get any better than this! Bring a piece of Ireland in your life!

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36 of 108 Items