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Silver Green Crystal Celtic Tree of Life Pendant


■ Sterling Silver and Emerald Green Gemstone: This pendant and the included chain are made of sterling silver that is hallmarked 925. At the center of the pendant is a circular emerald green gemstone.
■ Tree of Life: This pendant features an illustration of the Tree of Life, which signifies the value of trees in daily life as sources of shelter, warmth, and food.
■ Trinity Knots: Trinity knots are identified by their three infinite loops, which represented the presence of the number three in nature for Celts.
■ Dimensions and Chain: This Tree of Life pendant measures 0.4” in diameter and comes with a sterling silver chain that is 18” long.


Stay grounded with nature every day by accessorizing each look with this Silver Green Crystal Celtic Tree of Life Pendant. Made of sterling silver that is hallmarked 925, this pendant boasts a brilliant glow that will complement a variety of colorful ensembles. Setting the radiant tone of this piece is a circular open design that starts on the outside with a rope patterned border that adds wonderful texture and dimension. Inside the circle is a majestic version of the Tree of Life that features a trunk branched into 3 parts, intricate leaves, three of which are shaped into Trinity knots, and a circular emerald green gem at the center. The Tree of Life pays tribute to the foundational support of trees in life.

In Celtic culture, trees were respected as sources of food, shelter, and warmth. The Trinity Knot was used by ancient Celts to represent the number three, which Celts revered, as they observed things in life that existed in three parts. This pendant spans 0.4” in diameter and comes on an 18” sterling silver chain. Make this timeless piece a meaningful gift for a friend or family member!