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Our fun and colorful range of Irish tees have something for everyone. Soft to the touch but extremely well-made & sturdy, these Irish kids t-shirts make for a perfect gift.

Children’s Irish T-Shirts ideas 

There’s something here for every child, and any of these shirts will make wonderful souvenirs or presents for children of various ages and sizes!Though colorful and fashion-forward, there is a lot more to these Irish T-Shirts than what’s on the surface, as they feature meaningful illustrations and designs that pay tribute to the rich history and culture of the Emerald Isle. 

Irish Shamrock T-Shirts 

For boys, items like the Lansdowne Black Ireland Kids Performance T-Shirt and its gorgeous Girls counterpart Irish Shamrock Frill Girls T-Shirt that comes in vibrant pink with darling ruffled sleeves, beautifully show off the shamrock, the national Irish flower. The shamrock has a history that predates that of the nation of Ireland, as ancient Celts honored the flower for its stunning three heart-shaped leaves and its ability to symbolize the sanctity of the number three in Celtic culture. Celts also believed that the shamrock could protect them against evil spirits and cure sicknesses. When Ireland was under harsh British rule during the 1800s, British monarch Queen Victoria banned the wearing of shamrocks to try to end the Irish rebellion. This law, however, only rallied the Irish, encouraging them to make the shamrock an even greater symbol of strength for their country. In addition to its three leaves popularly signifying faith, hope, and love, the shamrock may be more popularly known as the flower that the revered patron saint, Saint Patrick, used to teach the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to the Irish who were converting to Christianity.

Funny Irish T-Shirts

For festive occasions or for anytime your kid just wants to wear something that’s Irish and fun. 


  • Children’s Ireland Puff Sheep T-Shirt will make a fabulous choice. This shirt features sheep, which are an undeniably beautiful part of Ireland. Millions of sheep grace the rich green fields and countryside of the Emerald Isle, giving the Irish landscape its special rustic charm. There are so many sheep on the Irish island that many facetiously say that the sheep outnumber the people! 

  • Happy Sheep Ireland Kids Sheep Tee features six animated black and white sheep characters that are labeled with numbers presented in Gaelic, which can be educational for your little ones!

  • Leprechauns Made Me Do It Kids T-Shirt- a funny Irish shirt for kids which features the body of a leprechaun sneakily stepping away while holding a pot of gold, with the head of the wearer of the shirt completing the playful look created by the shirt. 

  • Mint Green Ireland Girl Leprechaun Frill Shirt- young girls will love this darling shirt featuring delicately ruffled sleeves, and on the front is an adorable girl leprechaun. Leprechauns are naughty little creatures from Irish fairy tales that craft shoes and gather gold coins in pots that they hide at the end of a rainbow. They are recognized by their orange hair and beards, green and/or red suits, and green top hats. According to these fairy tales, anyone who captures the leprechaun will be granted three wishes by the leprechaun if he sets the tiny being free.

Irish Sport T-Shirts

For children who play sports or just love to show off their athletic styles, there are some terrific items to choose from:


  •  Irish Polo T-Shirts- items like  Ireland Crest Kids Polo Shirt which comes in a distinguished deep green and is embroidered over the left heart with an ornate gold shamrock crest and Kids Pink Ireland 1823 Polo Shirt, which is great for girls. 

  • Irish Rugby T-Shirts- kids who play rugby will also be proud to wear pieces like the Kid’s Longsleeved Navy and Green Striped Rugby Shirt or the Kids Lansdowne Green Ireland Rugby Jersey. What’s especially wonderful about these rugby shirts is that they boast a sophisticated, sharp design with crisp collars that can allow them to be worn at business casual or semi-formal events.

Go ahead and choose from Shamrock Gifts’ trendy mix of Kids Irish T-Shirts. There is something here for every child, style, and taste. Shop now!


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  • Traditional Craft Limited Happy Sheep Ireland Kids Tee T7334 Traditional Craft Limited Happy Sheep Ireland Kids Tee T7334 Traditional Craft Limited Happy Sheep Ireland Kids Tee T7334

    Happy Sheep Ireland Kids Tee

    It doesn't get much cuter than this fun children's t-shirt dreamed up from Traditional Craft. This shirt features six charming, zany, Irish sheep: Smiley, Happy, Lively, Cheeky, Funny, and Giggles. Above each sheep's name is the number of that sheep in...

  • Trad Craft Lansdowne Emerald Ireland Crest Kids T-Shirt R7169

    Lansdowne Emerald Ireland Crest Kids T-Shirt

    There's lots to love about this cute children's tee! Made from 100% soft cotton in a vibrant green color with black and white details, adding a sporty touch. Also, below the bold "Ireland" is the embroidered sprig of shamrocks. This Traditional Craft...

  • Traditional Craft Limited Pink Princess Girl Kids T-Shirt T7491

    Pink Princess Girl Kids T-Shirt

    This super cute Pink Ireland Princess Girl Kids T-Shirt is the perfect gift for the little Irish princess in your life! The front features a printed young lady with a gold crown and wide green and pink dress with “Ireland Princess,” along...

  • Lansdowne Black Ireland Kids Performance T-Shirt R7175

    Lansdowne Black Ireland Kids Performance T-Shirt

    Start your little Irish lass or lad early with an appreciation for Irish sport when you buy them this Lansdowne Black Ireland Kids Performance T-Shirt. Made from a highly durable cotton/poly blend that helps keep your kid cool during exercise, the black...

  • Malham USA Kids Ireland Shamrock Heart T-Shirt TKSH-PINK Malham USA Kids Ireland Shamrock Heart T-Shirt TKSH-PINK Close Up

    Malham Kids Ireland Shamrock Heart T-Shirt

    This adorable Malham Kids Ireland Shamrock Heart T-Shirt is the perfect gift for the little girl or boy who loves pink and Ireland. The front is printed with a unique Ireland shamrock heart design, with the heart itself made up of a field of sweet...

  • Traditional Craft Limited Emerald/White Ireland Performance Kids Top 7150

    Lansdowne Ireland Kids Performance Sports Top

    Irish pride doesn't get any bolder than it does in this Lansdowne Ireland Kids Performance Sports Top. This charming green kid's Ireland rugby jersey from Lansdowne has an easy, relaxed fit. Made from a breathable, soft polyester that ventilates well,...

  • Ireland Striped Kids Polo Front View

    Striped Ireland Kids Polo Shirt

    This snazzy cotton kid's polo from Lansdowne is a popular one. We love the charming chunky green and white stripes with an "Ireland" in Celtic font, as well as the crest of Ireland's four provinces (Leinster, Munster, Ulster and...

  • Shamrock Crest 1823 Kids Polo

    Kids Pink Ireland 1823 Polo Shirt

    This fun children's polo shirt from Lansdowne is a cute and colorful way to support the national Irish rugby team. The vibrant pink, black accents, and sporty stripe details contrast beautifully with each other. Side seam splits and breathable cotton...

  • Traditional Craft Limited Pink Shamrock Ringer Kids T-Shirt T7483

    Pink Shamrock Ringer Kids T-Shirt

    Update your child's wardrobe with this lovely pink T-shirt with a unique Irish design. It features a rich pink color with white collar and white edges on the sleeves. It beautifully displays a cute Shamrock detail with an "Ireland' inscription underneath...

10 of 10 Items