Traditional Craft

Lansdowne Emerald Ireland Crest Kids T-Shirt


■ Charming kids T-shirt made of 100% Cotton, a high-quality and comfortable material

■ Round-Neck Tee that allows movement and adds a sporty touch

■ The design features a bold ‘Ireland’ lettering and shamrock embroidered

■ Produced and designed with authenticity in Ireland by Traditional Craft

■ Wash it in cold water 70 degrees Fahrenheit and/or below with delicate cycle setting 


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There's lots to love about this cute children's tee! Made from 100% soft cotton in vibrant colors, this T-shirt will add a sporty touch to any look. Cotton is a superior quality material that has great durability, and breathability, and provides high comfort, making it the perfect choice even for active children.

The design incorporates bold "Ireland" lettering and a sprig of shamrocks that are embroidered with fine attention to detail. The shamrock is one of the most admired Irish symbols due to its touching meaning and story. Many stories say that St. Patrick used the shamrock as a metaphor for the Holy Trinity when explaining Christianity to the pagans.

This Traditional Craft round-neck t-shirt is also machine-washable and made to last. Make this tee a nice souvenir for the children in your life!