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There’s nothing in this world quite like the feeling of wearing your heritage openly for all to see. That’s why we at have gone out of our way to curate a collection of authentic Irish-style bangles and Celtic bracelets that’s as expansive and varied as it is aesthetically stunning. After all, family and history aspects of one’s identity that should always be considered with the deepest reverence and love -- especially when it has anything to do with the expressive culture of the Emerald Isle!

How to find a beautiful Irish bracelet

Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a mother, or even your grandmother, you’re guaranteed to find something in our top-quality catalog that will meet your practical needs and style preferences to a tee. First and foremost, we recommend determining the ideal Irish symbol you’d like your piece to have. After that, look at your options regarding metals, sizes, and shapes. Finding the perfect Irish bangle is that easy.

Irish Shamrock Bracelets

Many of our gorgeous bangles feature the shamrock as their primary motif, and this is with good reason, too -- for centuries, this three-leafed flower has been a universally-acknowledged representative of the Irish people abroad, and can be seen everywhere from the windows of Irish pubs and restaurants to the walls of families proud to have some green in their blood. To the ancient Celtic people, the shamrock was considered a symbol of great fortune and luck being just around the corner. Later, when Christianity arrived in Ireland, St. Patrick used the three leaves of a shamrock to explain to the native pagans the separate but connected powers of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Eye-catching and meaningful, there’s no doubt that a bangle featuring a shamrock icon is a surefire way to be identified as someone powerfully connected to the Emerald Isle.

Claddagh Bangle Bracelets

Alternatively, why not go the classic route and pick up an Irish bangle branded with the distinctive and beloved Claddagh symbol? Most commonly seen on the well-know Claddagh ring (which has been around in one form or another since as far back as 1700!), this image is prized for its ability to convey three of the most important values in Irish culture: love (embodied by a heart), friendship (a pair of hands), and loyalty (a crown).
Silver 10K Gold And Claddagh Bracelet- this lovely sterling silver and 10k yellow gold Claddagh bracelet, set with a flawless diamond in each link is a perfect gift for any dear friend or loved one.
Sterling Silver Shiny Claddagh Open Link Bracelet- this charming sterling silver bracelet features alternating Claddagh symbols and bar links, and is about 7 1/2" long.
Antique Gold Plate Claddagh Charm Bangle- this beautifully crafted antique style bangle made with gold plate comes with four charms: Claddagh, the shamrock and a Trinity knot.
Communion Claddagh Bracelet- this handsome steel link & silicone bracelet is a classic for a baptism celebration.
Silver Claddagh Bracelet with 14K Gold Plate Heart- this beautiful bracelet makes a lovely gift for any woman. It comes with an 18K gold-plated heart.
Rhodium Oval Claddagh And Enamel Bracelet- this enamel-coated bracelet is sure to last a lifetime of wear. A versatile and ideal gift.

Jewelry from the Claddagh brand is so popular that it’s often said no Irish woman should be without a piece in her regular line-up -- so treat yourself to this iconic piece of Irish tradition, modernized in the form of a trendy bangle!

Detailed Celtic Knot Bracelets

Of all of the symbols associated with Ireland, however, none has yet been proven to be more ancient (or mysterious) than the Celtic knot. Coming in many variations and styles, the Celtic knot has been an essential element of Irish artwork since times long since gone by; some of the oldest examples can be seen carved onto the 9th century standing crosses that dot the Irish countryside, or on the pages of the Book of Kells, a stunning illuminated manuscript created by Irish monks and today housed in the library at Trinity College, Dublin. With subtypes including the Trinity knot (a three-pointed symbol once used by pagans to celebrate the balance of the natural forces of earth, air, and water) and the spiral knot (thought to represent the inherent unknowability of the universe), the Celtic knot makes an excellent feature for any jewelry piece intended to convey a strong message. Wear it on one of our stunning bangles, and you’ll be turning heads all day long!

Whether you’re looking for precious stones or striking marble, sterling silver or antique gold, there’s no end to looks that can be obtained with the help of one of our premium Irish bangles and bracelets. Show yourself a little love today by picking one of our Celtic Bracelets as a treat, or give a loved one a gift they’ll never forget. You’ll be forever grateful that you did.

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  1. Rose Gold Plated Crystal Trinity Bangle Out of Stock
    Rose Gold Plated Crystal Trinity Bangle
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  2. Sterling Silver Claddagh Bangle Out of Stock
    Sterling Silver Claddagh Bangle
    As low as $175.95
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  3. Rhodium Book of Kells Green Celtic Bangle Out of Stock
    Rhodium Book of Kells Green Celtic Bangle
    As low as $65.95
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  4. Silver Tone Shamrock Charm Bangle Out of Stock
    Silver Tone Shamrock Charm Bangle
    As low as $21.95
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  5. Gold Trinity Charm Bangle
    Gold Trinity Charm Bangle
  6. Silver Tone Enamel Irish Shamrock Bangle Out of Stock
    Silver Tone Enamel Irish Shamrock Bangle
    As low as $22.95
    Out of stock
  7. Gold Tone Shamrock Charm Bangle Out of Stock
    Gold Tone Shamrock Charm Bangle
    As low as $29.95
    Out of stock
  8. Rhodium Plated Charm Bangle With Large Tree Of Life Charm Out of Stock
  9. Silver 10K Gold Claddagh Bracelet Out of Stock
    Silver 10K Gold Claddagh Bracelet
    As low as $287.50
    Out of stock

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