Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot Bracelet


■ This intricate bracelet is masterfully crafted of Sterling silver, a highly durable and rust-resistant material.
■ The bracelet is exquisitely designed with Triquetra motifs, celebrating the three-fold concept.
■ This shiny bracelet measures approximately 1.22 inches in height, the perfect size for everyday wear.
■ For the best results, store your sterling silver jewelry away from humidity and sun exposure.


Our Trinity knot bracelet is a timeless piece of Celtic jewelry and a unique gift from Ireland. Finely crafted of Sterling silver, this bracelet is highly durable and incredibly lustrous - the perfect combination for long-lasting, gleaming wear. Sterling silver does not rust or tarnish, making this bracelet a lifelong guarantee. For the best results, keep your sterling silver jewelry in a dry, enclosed space away from direct sunlight and moisture.
The bracelet is beautifully designed with Triquetra symbols, being a celebration of the three-fold concept - the Holy Trinity, the Celtic Triple Goddess, the three stages of life (birth, life, death), and any other trinity important to you. Inspired by the Book of Kells, Ireland’s national treasure, the Trinity Knot design symbolizes eternity and the idea of never-ending faith. Measuring approximately 1.22 inches in height, this bracelet is the perfect size for everyday wear, adding sparkles to any look - it won’t go unnoticed.
Add a touch of Celtic heritage to any occasion while wearing our Trinity knot bracelet - it would make a heartwarming gift for that special person in your life.