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Traditional Irish brooches are back with a bang! Once considered a relic of trends gone by, this perfectly pinnable accessory has seen a powerful revival in recent years, and it seems that this time around, it’s here to stay!

Celtic Brooches Made in Ireland

Thankfully, has got you covered for whatever kind of Celtic brooch you’ve got in mind -- our catalog features extensive variations on classic looks, allowing you to play up the versatility of your chosen piece, whether you choose to rock it pinned into a jacket, hat, scarf, or even bag! Choose from a vast array of Irish brooch designs that allow you to express your personality, style, and love of your Irish heritage with whole new energy.

Irish Claddagh Brooches

Consider, for example, our selection of authentic Irish brooches bearing the Claddagh symbol. Made in the Emerald Isle itself, these pieces are a unique take on the design usually reserved for the traditional Claddagh ring, which has been capturing hearts and imaginations alike all over the world since it was first produced in County Galway in the 17th century. Gorgeous and deeply meaningful, the Claddagh symbol has become deeply significant to the people of Ireland and Irish America over the years. It features a heart (symbolizing love) which is clasped by a pair of hands (representing friendship), topped with a gleaming crown (said to stand for the importance of loyalty, faithfulness, and trust). Together, these three elements signify some of the most important values prized by the Irish people. It’s said that anyone who wears the Claddagh symbol on their person will always be guided by the principles of love, friendship, and loyalty, and are guaranteed to remain steadfast on the path to a happy and successful life.

Celtic Knot Irish Brooches

Another symbol prominently featured in the brooch collection is the Celtic knot, one of the oldest and most essential elements of Ireland’s artistic legacy. As striking as it is mysterious, the Celtic knot comes in many variations, each with its distinct look and symbolic meaning. There is, for example, the Trinity knot, which is well-represented in this catalog. Made distinctive by its three separate points, the Trinity knot is said to have been originally used by Ireland’s ancient pagan community, who took it to embody the balance of the natural forces of earth, air, and water. Later, as Christianity became the primary religion of the Irish people, the knot was often used in religious art to signify the power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Another Celtic knot variation that appears in this catalog is the spiral knot, recognizable for its three inward-flowing loops. Hypnotic and strangely moving, this knot is said to symbolize the inherent unknowability of the universe we inhabit.
If you had more of a hallmark Irish symbol in mind for your ideal brooch, you need to look no further than the shamrock, featured on many of the designs in our catalog. Closely associated with the teachings of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint, this symbol is the perfect detail on any brooch intended as a gift for a loving, Irish Catholic presence in your life. However, the shamrock’s associations go far beyond religion -- over the years, it has become an instantly-recognizable emblem of the Irish both at home and abroad. Pin one of our beautiful shamrock brooches to any item of clothing, and it’ll be no time at all before the world sees the Irish in you with one glance alone!

The Beauty of the Tara Brooch

The Tara Brooch is one of the most famed examples of jewelry from the Insular period. Though it was named for the Hill of Tara, the ancient seat of the high kings of Ireland, it was found nearly 25 miles away in the seaside town of Bettystown, County Meath in 1850. The antique dealer who eventually sold it likely named it for the Hill of Tara to increase its perceived value, as in the mid-19th century Celtic Revival had heightened the mania for artifacts from ancient and medieval Ireland. At Shamrock Gift you will find an extended selection of Tara Brooches made of various metals and colors:
Solvar Rhodium Plated Connemara Marble Tara Brooch- this pretty festive Tara brooch features intricate designs inspired by ancient Celtic art. A marvelous and stunning gift.
Rhodium Plated Large Celtic Tara Brooch- this gorgeous, intricate Celtic Tara brooch from Solvar Jewelry is crafted from gleaming rhodium with multi-colored rhinestones.
Rhodium Plated Connemara Marble Tara Brooch- this beautiful Brooch is part of Tara Collection. Full of Irish charm and culture. Makes an ideal gift for St. Patrick’s Day or a casual outfit.

Of course, the many wonderful Irish brooch symbols that we’ve listed here are far from the extent of our gorgeous accessory collection. Take a few minutes to browse the list of options yourself -- we guarantee it won’t be long before you find something truly enchanting!

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    Gold Plated Shamrock Brooch

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