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For almost every woman, a bag is an essential everyday accessory. Because this bag is part of a woman’s daily look, it not only has to be practical and useful, but it also needs to complement her attire, whether it’s formal or casual.


Authentic Irish Bags for Women 


Our selection of Women’s Bags offers a range of bags, including Irish-styled bags, which will only upgrade a woman’s look with timeless class and style. Take a look at our Women’s Bags and find a bag accessory that will suit your needs and personal style!


Irish Tweed Bags


Among the Women’s Bags is an assortment of traditional Irish bags that boast a rugged yet elegant flair that will enhance the look of any woman and any outfit! The exterior coverings of these bags are made of brown tweed and brown leather. Tweed is a particular type of rough wool that features a mix of multi-colored flecks in its fibers that are interwoven together to create a tapestry that is full of texture, dimension, and life. Back in the old days, tweed was skillfully created through hand-weaving on a loom, but today, machines are used to mass-produce this functional and stylish fabric.


Irish Leather Bags


Leather is an especially versatile and durable fabric that comes from the tanning of animal rawhides. Leather is seen everywhere from furniture to clothing. What makes leather so highly sought after is its exceptional flexibility, tensile strength, heat insulation, and its puncture-and tear-resistance.
These leather and tweed Irish bags are designed in a convenient shoulder bag style that is great for keeping the bag on your person when you’re out and about running errands. Some can even be worn in a trendy cross-body style that frees your hands to perform tasks while keeping the bag secured on your body. In addition to creating lovely color and texture contrast with the leather and tweed, these bags also feature fabulous style touches such as gold-toned hardware like buckles and decorative studs, as well as exterior pocket and zipper details.


Mucros Weavers Purses


Women who love vibrant color with some Irish spirit will adore the available Red & Blue Plaid Irish Sarah Purse by Mucros Weavers. This bag showcases one of the most loved elements of Irish fashion that has been around for centuries: plaid. Plaid is a colorful pattern of overlapping rectangles and stripes. The term “plaid” originates from the word “plaide,” which is Scottish Gaelic for “blanket,” as the twilled cloths used as bed coverings back during the period of ancient Celtic civilization featured this distinct pattern. The exterior is made of pure wool tweed and displays a lovely red and blue plaid pattern accented with green and yellow stripes. Beautifully paired with the plaid is smooth black leather on the sides and on the flap, which also features a sleek, silver-toned buckle for a striking contrast. This purse is also the perfect size for carrying essential items like a wallet or phone. Its dynamic color makes it wonderful to pair with multi-colored outfits and accessories!


Convenient Irish Backpacks


If you’re looking for a multi-purpose bag with more room, check out the available backpacks and gusset bag. The available Ireland backpack comes in a rich emerald green color and offers convenient features like a water bottle compartment and padded straps and handles. Gusset bags are designed to expand to increase the volume capacity to carry more items. For a festive touch, the available gusset bag by Samuel Lamont is decorated with adorable, colorful sheep, which are a beautiful part of the Irish landscape.
Whether you need a basic bag, a fashionable Irish purse to wear with chic outfits, or a backpack for a trip, our range of Women’s Irish Bags will suit all of your needs!

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  • Mucros Weavers Grace Bag MWGB223-OS Mucros Weavers Grace Bag MWGB223-OS Mucros Weavers Grace Bag MWGB223-OS

    Mucros Weavers Pink Irish Tweed Grace Bag

    The Pink Irish Tweed Grace Bag from Mucros Weavers is the perfect accessory for the woman who loves to show off her color and style with her wardrobe. Constructed of 100% woven Irish tweed in bright pink plaid with yellow and purple contrast windowpanes,...

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