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When it comes to clothing that helps keep your warm at any time of the year, the Irish truly do know best; after all, the Emerald Isle is famous for the almost-constant rain and chill that makes its grass so green!

Premium Men’s Irish Hoodies has amassed a massive collection of Irish hoodies and fleeces for men, featuring every material, color, and size imaginable, and all made to perfectly match the high standards of real Irish designers. Whether you’re on the hunt for something to keep you toasty when the winter winds blow, a casual sweatshirt for staying comfortable at home, or an activewear garment to help you perform your very best, this excellent range is guaranteed to have something for you.

Official Guinness Hoodies

If it’s a fun, Irish-themed hoodie that you’re looking for, we’ve also got you covered with our many pullover and zip-up options, varying in motif from a nod to the much-loved “luck of the Irish” saying to a homage to the ultimate Irish brand name, Guinness stout. Made from a combination of breathable, soft cotton and polyester, these pieces are fantastic to thrown on before or after a workout.
Guinness Rugby Performance Full Zip Fleece Jacket- this warm microfleece full zipper jacket is designed with black and yellow colors and will assure a vibrant look
Guinness Official Men's Hoodie- our stunning black hoodie made in a cotton and polyester blend will keep you warm in the cold. The centerpiece of this sweatshirt features a recreation of the Guinness Foreign Extra label.
Guinness Crew Neck Top with Signature and Logo- this sweater is perfect for those who love combining comfort and style thanks to breathable crewneck collar and relaxed fit.
Displayed on all of our Guinness pieces is the iconic text logo of the brand, and many also feature the company emblem of a golden Celtic harp. As one of the most ancient instruments played in the history of the Emerald Isle, the harp has for centuries been considered a symbol of the country itself; and so, when the Guinness Brewing Company adopted the image as its official logo in the 1800s, it wasn’t long before the Black Stuff became nearly synonymous with the nation as a whole, too!

Ireland Rugby Hooded Fleeces

Finally, if it’s official Irish sportswear you’re after, look no further than our Lansdowne range of performance wear for rugby lovers! In particular, we love their line of fleeces, produced in rich, deep colors and bearing the internationally-recognized label of the Irish rugby team (a trio of beautiful shamrocks) on the left breast, over the heart. Our customers love these pieces to bits, and it’s no surprise -- throwing them on while you’re on the go is an easy way to communicate your love and loyalty for Ireland, no matter where you are!

Any of our Irish hoodies, jackets, sweaters, or cardigans will look fantastic on a man of any age and style. Shop now!

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