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Find the perfect gift for any little girl in your life with a special occasion coming up with the help of’s premium range of children’s jewelry.

Salute our Collection of Children’s Irish Jewelry

Filled with everything from striking Celtic cross design earrings to pearl necklaces and Communion chalice pendants, this catalog is the ultimate source for all things shiny and feminine that she’s guaranteed to love! Every one of these pieces practically radiates Irish charm, thanks to the loving touch they’re given at the hands of real Irish craftsmen.

Irish Bangle Bracelets with Traditional Celtic Charms

Take, for example, our darling collection of silver-toned bangles from Solvar, a family-owned Irish company crafting stunning artisanal jewelry pieces in Dublin since 1941. Made with that unique Emerald Isle flair, each of these bangles is finished with four circular discs etched with world-famous Irish symbols, including shamrocks, harps, and the mysterious Celtic knot. Available in both gold and silver-tone enamel, these charm bracelets are a fantastic option for surprising any little Irish lady on her birthday or at Christmas and can be added to infinitely in the years to come. This means that, ultimately, she can pack her Irish bangle full of personality to reflect her own to a tee!

Children’s Claddagh Cross Necklaces

Alternatively, go for a more classic option by presenting her with a sterling silver Claddagh cross pendant. Also designed and made in Ireland, this piece beautifully combines a sense of religious faith with proud Irish heritage. The Claddagh symbol has been popular on a global scale since the 1900s, though has been produced on jewelry in Ireland since about 1700. The distinctive Claddagh emblem is made up of three primary components: a heart, which symbolizes love, a pair of hands, for friendship, and a crown, representing loyalty and faithfulness. Together, these elements communicate some of the most important values held by the Irish people. It’s said that someone who wears a Claddagh symbol on their person will always live their life with these three principles in mind, and as such will live a happy life filled with respect and success. Claddagh products are equally popular among Irish and Irish Americans and are often exchanged between friends, lovers, and family members in a display of devotion and goodwill.

First Communion Jewelry for Girls

For a little girl with a First Communion on the way, it’s often tradition to give the gift of a piece of jewelry relating to her Christian faith. If this is what you’re on the search for, we highly recommend taking a look at our collection of oval medallion pendants. Made from sparkling crystal and gleaming pearl, these pieces exude an air of all things heavenly. While some bear the image of the Virgin Mary in the same style as a traditional miraculous medallion, some also show miniature chalices, symbolizing the wine imbibed during the Eucharist service at mass.
Silver Plated Chalice Faux Pearl Communion Necklace- a stunning and delicate accessory that will highlight the importance of the celebration and is sure to last a long time.
Silver Plated Communion & Confirmation Pearl & Trinity Necklet On A Chain- quality silver plating gives this piece a fresh sparkle that complements the soft luster of pearls that adorn the base of the necklace.
Sp Pearl Oval Cross Pendant- Communion- a beautifully designed oval pendant, featuring the Celtic cross that dangles from an open oval frame.
Silver Plated Communion Pearl & Cross Necklet On A Chain- pure white pearls lend this pendant an elegance that will bring a memorable shine to your little one's communion outfit.
Rounding out the array of oval medallion pendants with a touch of ancient Irish history is the Celtic cross variant. Evoking the appearance of real stone standing crosses which have dotted the Irish landscape since the 9th century, this icon is said to today represent the values of faith, loyalty, and patience, and will certainly highlight their importance to any little girl who’s lucky enough to wear this stunning necklace.

Eager to find the perfect piece of jewelry for a little girl who deserves nothing but the best? Then wait no further -- dive into our catalog of Irish jewelry for kids and see what wonders await!

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  • Solvar Sterling Silver Claddagh Shaped Stud Earrings S33196 Solvar Jewelry Box

    Sterling Silver Kids Claddagh Stud Earrings

    Not everyone enjoys a dangling earring. Some want something more solid or more subtle. But what if you want earrings that convey a specific, loving message whilst fulfilling all these prerequisites? You get these Claddagh Stud Earrings of course! ...

  • Solvar Silver Trinity Knot Necklace S44720 Tara Jewelry Box

    Silver Trinity Knot Necklace

    Our elegantly simple Silver Trinity Knot Necklace from Solvar Jewelers is a lovely gift for any occasion, whether you’re looking for a communion present of something a little special for Christmas or a birthday. But any time of year is perfect for...

  • Solvar Irish Silver Cross Necklace S44722 Tara Jewelry Box

    Irish Silver Cross Necklace

    Our elegantly simple Irish Silver Cross Necklace from Solvar Jewelers is a lovely gift for any occasion, whether you’re looking for a communion present of something a little special for Christmas or a birthday. But any time of year is perfect for...

  • Sale
    Solvar COMMUNION CHALICE BRACELET S5674 Tara Jewelry Box

    Communion Chalice Bracelet

    This elegant Communion Chalice Bracelet is the perfect gift for a young lady’s first communion. Made of durable base metal with beautiful silver plating and glass pearl beads, the pendant embodies the idea of purification and consecration. The...

    Was: $49.95
    Now: $24.98
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    Solvar Chalice Necklace Silver Plate Faux Pearl Children Communion S45072 Tara Jewelry Boxes

    Silver Plated Chalice Faux Pearl Communion Necklace

    This elegant Silver Plated Chalice Faux Pearl Communion Necklace is the perfect gift for a young lady’s first communion. Made of durable base metal with beautiful silver plating and glass pearl beads, the pendant embodies the idea of purification...

    Was: $39.95
    Now: $27.97
  • Communion Pearl Stud Earrings with Trinity Knot Shape Design

    Silver Plated Communion Trinity Knot Stud Earrings

    Trinity Knots and pearls make a polished, elegant combination in this Silver Plated Communion Trinty Knot Stud Earring Set. Trinity Knots are among the most well-known of symbols of ancient Celtic culture that many still admire today. The three...

  • Solvar Sterling Silver Kid's Shamrock Earrings S33197 Solvar Jewelry Box

    Sterling SIlver Kids Shamrock Earrings

    These small but significant Sterling Silver Kids Shamrock Earrings make a great gift for any birthday, first communion, or Christmas celebration. Made of pure sterling silver and hallmarked by the Dublin Assay Office for authenticity, these earrings are...

  • Large Sterling Silver Cross Pendant with Celtic Knots Design Solvar Jewelry Box

    Large Celtic Cross Heavy Pendant On A Chain

    The stately air and ornateness of the Celtic Cross translates beautifully into elegant style in this Celtic Cross Pendant. Fine sterling silver is used to recreate the distinct silhouette and intricate details of Celtic Crosses that have adorned...

  • Steel Cross Pendant with Celtic Knots Design

    Pewter Style Celtic Cross Pendant On A Chain

    If you love unique jewelry pieces with sophisticated, antique styles reminiscent of vintage jewelry, then you will adore this Pewter Style Celtic Cross Pendant. The fine craftsmanship displayed in this piece comes to life with the striking pewter finish...

12 of 12 Items