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There are few things more delightful than searching for the perfect gift for a little lad or lady’s birthday. 

Lovely Irish Gifts for Children 

We at have curated a truly phenomenal roundup of charming children’s present ideas, with options covering all things playful, practical, and pretty. Whatever the niche -- boy or girl, fun or fancy -- Shamrock Gift is guaranteed to have just the thing to make their year.

Children’s Irish Sweaters

Take, for example, our magnificent range of Hand-knit Aran sweaters for children. These knitwear pieces are made from 100% pure Irish merino sheep’s wool. Thes cardigans are, at their very heart, steeped in folklore, having first been designed hundreds of years ago by the wives of the island fishermen, to keep their husbands warm and safe while they worked out at sea. Since then, the essence of the Aran cardigan has been infused with that very same sense of security, making it an excellent choice for keeping your little one warm and comfortable, whether they’re at home or on the go!

Since they first appeared on the scene, Aran knit cardigans have become a true classic, representing the intricate nature of Irish heritage. And get this: it is believed that each stitch pattern symbolizes something specific to the Aran islanders, making each cardigan serve a unique function depending on its stitching.

Aran Stitches’ Meaning

The honeycomb stitch, for example, is the symbol of the hardworking bee, and is considered to be a symbol of great luck and prosperity; the diamond is a wish for success, wealth, and treasure that echoes an aerial view of the islands’ beautiful green fields; the cable pattern represents the strong weave of the fisherman's’ ropes, and signifies a wish for safety and good luck in their work; the zig-zag (or half-diamond) stitch is used to evoke the twisting paths of the island cliffs; and the Tree of Life stitch, one of the oldest patterns still in use today, reflects the importance of family, clanship, and expresses the hope for parents that are long-lived and children that are healthy and happy. A great choice, therefore, for the fun-loving tyke in your life!

Irish Claddagh Jewelry

Alternatively, for a gift, your little lass is guaranteed to treasure for the rest of your life, consider picking up a piece of traditional Claddagh jewelry from our extensive catalogue. The Claddagh brand has been around since around 1700, and since that time has become known as a signifier of some of the most important Irish values: love (as shown by the heart in the Claddagh emblem), friendship (the hands), and loyalty (a crown). It’s said that the wearer of a piece of Claddagh jewelry will always be guided by these all-important morals, and so will never be steered wrong as they move down the tricky path of life! For a meaningful gift for any little girl, a Claddagh jewelry piece is a truly inspired option.

Irish Soft Toys

Alternatively, bring a little more fun into this already-exhilarating day by surprising the little man or lady of the hour with one of the many soft toys available here. Plush, finely-stitched, and absolutely adorable, any one of these characters is sure to become an instant friend for life to your birthday celebrant -- and you can bet that they’ll never forget the day on which they first met, either! With options such as sheep, bears, and leprechauns to choose from, there really is something for every preference!

We are sure you will find the ideal Irish Kids Gifts in our extensive collection of eclectic and luxurious gifts.

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  1. Irish Wool Child's Mittens
    Irish Wool Child's Mittens
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    Soft Toy White Sheep with Ribbon
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  3. Irish Paddy Bear Notebook
    Irish Paddy Bear Notebook
  4. Communion Cross Pendant
    Communion Cross Pendant
  5. Baby Aran Hoodie Out of Stock
    Baby Aran Hoodie
    Out of stock
    Out of stock
  6. Shamrock Baby Bib with Irish Colours Out of Stock
    Shamrock Baby Bib with Irish Colours
    As low as $14.45
    Out of stock
  7. Baby Irish Shamrock Newborn Booties Out of Stock
    Baby Irish Shamrock Newborn Booties
    As low as $9.95
    Out of stock

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