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Feadog Nickel Whistle in the Key of "D"


■ Feadog Nickel Whistle in the Key of "D”
■ Fingering Chart Included
■ Instruction Sheet with Songs Included
■ Feadog Collection
■ Made in Ireland


Liven up your home or an intimate gathering with some Irish music with this Feadog Nickel Whistle in the Key of "D”!

Irish whistles belong to a class of woodwind instruments known as fipple flutes, and they have a history that goes way back to the 1800s. Also called penny whistles, Irish whistles were originally made of tin and were called penny whistles because they only cost a penny apiece at stores, which made them popularly affordable gifts for children.

Nowadays, whistles today are made of higher quality metals, with this Feadog whistle being crafted from nickel. This whistle comes in a standard design with the traditional six holes and plastic mouthpiece, boasting a brilliant shine. Playing in the key of D, this instrument comes with a fingering chart and international instruction sheet featuring musical selections you can practice.

Make this Irish whistle an entertaining gift for children in your family or a pastime for yourself!