Feadog Black Whistle in the Key of "D"


■ Crafted with a sturdy plastic mouthpiece and a brass barrel, this whistle in the key of D ensures quality and longevity
■ The 11.6” cylindrical body of this Irish whistle creates a pleasant, reedy, and slightly breathy sound quality
■ The package includes a fingering chart and a comprehensive instruction sheet with several songs to get you started
■ Showcasing the artistry and musical heritage of Ireland, the whistle makes an excellent Irish gift for musicians and enthusiasts alike

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Expand your cultural horizons by learning to play the Irish whistle with this Feadog Black Whistle in the Key of "D.” Irish whistles have a history that goes back to the 1800s, when they were originally made of tin. They were also called penny whistles because they only cost a penny apiece, which made them popular affordable gifts for children.

As time passed, however, the design of these Irish whistles improved and higher quality metals were used to make them, like with this Feadog whistle, which is designed with a brass barrel. Playing in the key of D, this whistle comes in a cool black color with the traditional six finger holes and a plastic mouthpiece.

With this whistle, you’ll also receive an international instruction sheet with a selection of songs to play, along with a fingering chart. This Irish whistle is excellent for beginners and makes a fabulous gift for young children!