Feadog Brass Whistle in the Key of "D"

Was: $11.95
Now: $8.90

■ Our "D" whistle is crafted with a sturdy plastic mouthpiece and a brass barrel, ensuring longevity and an elegant metallic shine
■ The 11.6” cylindrical body of this Irish whistle creates a pleasant, reedy sound, characterized by impressive precision and clarity
■ The package includes a fingering chart and a step-by-step instruction sheet with several songs to help you get started
■ Proudly made in Ireland and showcasing the artistry and musical heritage of the region, our whistle makes an excellent Irish gift


Whether it’s on holidays or other special occasions, recognize your Celtic roots with traditional Celtic songs by playing this Feadóg Brass Whistle in the key of D. Irish whistles have been a cherished relic throughout the culture and history of Ireland for centuries. Originally known as the tin whistle, the Irish whistle is a part of a family of woodwind instruments known as fipple flutes.

These whistles were also called pennywhistles because they used to cost just a penny apiece in stores, making them great gifts for young children. Today, modern Irish whistles are crafted from higher-quality metals, with this particular whistle being made from a seamless brass barrel. These newer whistles, however, still have the signature six holes and attached mouthpiece that older tin whistles possess.

To help novices learn how to use this Feadóg whistle, a fingering chart and an international instruction sheet with songs are included.

Make this Irish brass whistle a holiday or birthday present for children who can entertain family and friends with Irish tunes!