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Feadog Green Whistle in the Key of "D"

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  • Feadog Green Whistle in the Key of "D"
  • Fingering Chart Included
  • Instruction Sheet with Songs Included
  • Feadog Collection
  • Made in Ireland


Manufacturer: Feadog Irish Whistles

Turn a boring night of watching the same TV shows and movies with friends into an evening of lively culture and music with this Feadog Green Whistle in the Key of "D."

This whistle plays in the key of D and has a barrel that is made of brass, a superior quality metal that delivers a sweet sound, especially when played in the upper range.

Back in the day, Irish whistles were actually made of tin and were commonly called penny whistles because they would only cost a penny each in stores. Irish whistles are also part of a family of woodwind instruments known as fipple flutes. Lending this whistle a festive touch and personality is a green color-coated finish.

As a beginner’s whistle, this instrument also comes with a fingering chart and international instruction sheet with a selection of songs that will have you ready to entertain with traditional Irish tunes!

Make this Feadog whistle a great pastime for yourself or a gift for a child!

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