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Set Descending Direction’s broad selection of Irish engagement gifts is unique and bursting with Celtic charm. With dozens of styles and items to choose from, including heritage brands like Belleek China, Mullingar Pewter, and Royal Tara, our beautiful collection of Irish engagement gifts and Irish wedding presents is an ideal way to celebrate upcoming nuptials. Finding the right engagement present can be a challenge, especially when there are so many options to choose from. 

Irish Engagement Gifts Ideas

Do you try to stick with tradition and gift something like a wedding chalice? Do you modify that slightly with a Guinness pint glass set? Or do you opt for something totally unexpected? Everyone wants their gifts to stand out and be remembered long after they’ve been opened, so it has to be perfect. With’s curated selection of Irish engagement gift ideas, we’ve done a lot of the work for you, offering the best selection of traditional and contemporary wedding and engagement presents for a range of tastes and styles. Nothing says love and devotion in Ireland quite like the Claddagh. 

Irish Claddagh Gifts

A symbol comprised of two hands holding a heart topped with a crown, it is a classic Irish engagement gift and wedding present. Just as often, it is among the most traditional of Irish engagement rings. When worn with the heart facing inward, toward the arm, the ring signifies that the wearer’s heart is taken, closed to all but their love. It’s a beautiful symbol that represents more than mere love, too. Each element of the Claddagh signifies something different. The hands represent friendship, the heart love, and the crown loyalty. Anyone who has been in a serious relationship knows that maintaining it takes more than mere love, and this ring signifies all the component parts that go into turning a romance into a lifelong commitment. Originally created specifically as a ring in the 17th century in County Galway in the area known as the Claddagh, from where the design takes its name, the Claddagh has become the most recognizable Irish symbol of commitment and can be given as easily among family, friends, and lovers. Thus, it makes the perfect Irish engagement gift no matter your relationship to the betrothed. 

Pewter Engagement Gifts — Irish Claddagh 

Today, the Claddagh appears on much more than just rings, really just about anything you could think of Mullingar Pewter line of Claddagh engagement and wedding gifts make full use of the design, adding it to traditional wedding chalices, flutes, shot glasses, and even pocket watches and pocket knives. 

Stunning Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Engagement Gifts you will find at

  • Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Picture Frames- one of our customers’ favorite engagement gifts. Combining the traditional Celtic design, beloved Irish Claddagh- symbol of Love and the shine, and resistance of Pewter.

  • Claddagh Pewter Jewelry Boxes- these boxes are a wonderful and Irish engagement gift for any precious person in your life. Made of 100% Pewter. 

  • Claddagh Champagne Flute Set- our gorgeous 2-Piece Pewter Champagne Flute Set is made of durable Pewter in Ireland. These flutes come with lovely grooved rings designed with swirly patterns at the foot.

  • Claddagh Candle Holder-our candle holder will bring elegance and Irish culture to any event. It is made of pristine pewter, a tin alloy that is known for its versatility and shine.

Founded in 1974 by Paddy Collins, Mullingar Pewter is now run by his son, Peter. The company revived the traditional way of making pewter while updating the original composition of pewter by removing the harmful lead used in centuries past, and replacing it with copper and antimony. Their hand crafted pewter gifts include anything and everything that can be made with metal, including tankards, candlesticks, glassware, flasks, figurines, and more. The company is an essential part of the local economy and maintains the ancient traditions of pewter making for future generations. 

Belleek China Engagement Gifts

We also offer a wide selection of traditional Belleek China engagement presents, including tea sets, serving trays, picture frames, and decorative Irish blessing plates. Belleek is the oldest fine china pottery in Ireland, having been founded just after the Great Hunger as a way to help the local population gain employment and recover from the devastation wrought by the potato blight. Today, the designs that Belleek developed in the 19th century are still crafted in the same studios and to the same standards that led them to be a favorite of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Belleek iconic shamrock basket weave design is a must-own for any Irish or Irish American family. And what better way to celebrate the beginning of a new family than with a treasured Belleek gift?

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