Castle Arch Pottery

Hand Thrown Pottery Celtic Fruit Bowl

Was: $103.90
Now: $80.00

■ Fruit bowl handcrafted out of sustainably sourced pottery
■ Features an intricate and stunning Triskele or Triple Spiral design
■ Measures 28 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height
■ Produced in Kilkenny, Ireland by talented Irish artisans
■ Can be put in the microwave and cleaned in the dishwasher



Eating fruits is absolutely essential for a healthy lifestyle. It is also important what kind of bowl you use to serve fruit, both for pragmatic and aesthetic reasons.

Ceramic is a great choice because it allows for better air circulation, thus keeping the fruits fresher. Our handcrafted fruit bowl is not only the healthier choice, but it’s also a great choice in terms of aesthetics.

It features a beautifully handcrafted Triskele design, which is a powerful symbol with deep roots in Celtic culture. It represents the three realms: physical, spiritual, and celestial and also symbolizes strength and ability to face the adversities of life.