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There’s nothing worse in winter than a chilly wind hitting your neck and realizing you’ve forgotten that all-important layer! Our collection of Women's Irish scarves ranges from chunky knit wool patterns to luscious silk prints, so however, you want to express your Irish pride, we’ve got you covered.

Irish Scarves Made in Ireland

These lovely Irish scarves for Women are knit with traditional patterns in the softest and warmest of wools. The Aran stitches make the women’s Irish scarves particularly plush, thick, and luxurious to the touch.’s wide selection of Irish scarves runs the gamut from chunky wool scarves to fine silk pashminas, suitable for any season. With brand names like Carraig Donn, Patrick Francis, and Mucros Weavers, our array of scarves, wraps, shawls, and snoods has something for every woman.

Aran Knit Wool Scarves

Our collection of Aran style knit wool scarves comes from legacy knitwear companies like Carraig Donn and Aran Crafts and feature traditional Irish knitting styles historically found on the remote Aran Islands in the west of Ireland. Originally, the style of knitting in such intricate patterns was meant for sweaters for the fishermen of the islands to keep them warm and dry during their day-long voyages on the rough Atlantic seas. The raised diamond, cable, and honeycomb patterns served not only as decoration, but to add extra insulation to the sweaters, allowing the air to circulate through the wool, wicking moisture away from the body and keeping dry, heated air in, this is why a SuperSoft Merino Cable Scarf makes a trendy and warm addition to your wardrobe. The original sweaters, too, would have been knit with the sheep’s natural water-resistant lanolin grease still present in the wool to make the sweaters almost entirely waterproof. Today, they are knitted with some of the softest wools available anywhere in the world while maintaining the heritage and tradition of rural Ireland in their beautiful patterns. This makes a Merino Wool Honeycomb Irish Snood Scarf a must-have for any Irish lover. Still maintained in these designs is the incredible heat regulation of the raised patterns of the Aran scarves.

Book of Kells Celtic Scarves also offers a range of printed and patterned scarves inspired by ancient Irish artwork and in particular, the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells is a ninth-century Irish manuscript comprised of the four gospels. But it is so much more than just a transcription of the Latin gospels. Each page is stunningly illuminated in fine calligraphy, painting, and design work in a uniquely Irish Celtic style, complete with miniature animals, human figures including the saints, floral motifs, and abstract Celtic knot patterns. Our range of wool scarves and silk pashminas are similarly stunningly illustrated using traditional weaving techniques, including damask, to create vivid homages to the work of ancient Irish artists. For those looking for an even more faithful representation of the Book of Kells, we also sell special Book of Kells printed scarves, with intricate designs died right on to the delicate fabric. Our Wool Pashmina Scarves with Book of Kells designs from Patrick Francis feature a Celtic knot bird motif in a beautiful and elegant monotone damask style.

Irish Cashmere Scarves 

Though Irish clothing and accessories were historically limited in their fabric by trade, today, no such limitation to coarse wool and tweed exists. So in addition to more traditional knit wool scarves, also offers something for the more adventurous gift-giver, including Cashmere Scarves and Alpaca Scarves from Mucros Weavers. These Mucros Weavers Multi-Colored Scarves take a basic, flat scarf and infuse it with color and life, featuring linear patterns of blue, green, purple, red, yellow, and cream lines, depending on your taste. With a range of combinations to choose from, there’s something for everyone to be found.

Official Guinness Scarves

Finally, we also offer a small selection of official Guinness scarves, including a beautiful printed scarf featuring one of Guinness’s most iconic ads from the 20th century- the Black Guinness Girl Silk Scarf. In it, a woman takes a sip from a glass of Guinness, and, in the original ad, the text reads, “Every girl should have a little black drink.” Our scarf eschews the text, leaving only the iconic image in its place.

Shop’s range of Irish scarves for Women today, and give the gift of Irish tradition.

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