Authentic Irish Knit Wool Scarf for Ladies


■ The Aran wool scarf is a product of Ireland’s leading, renowned and well-established knitwear, SAOL, and is part of the new St. Patrick Collection
■ The lovely scarf is churned from 100% Merino wool, giving it an excellent cozy touch that guarantees you warmth and comfort from the cold weather
■ The Irish scarf features impressive, exquisite and authentic traditional Aran patterns which include interwoven lace, diamond, and cable knits that are part of the rich Irish traditions and culture
■ This fantastic scarf goes well when paired with the Irish Wool Bobble Hat to provide you with a completely authentic look
The Aran scarf measures 68 x 8 inches



If you are looking for the ultimate and subtle way to showcase your Irish heritage with pride, then the Authentic Irish Knit Scarf for Ladies is the way to go. A product of the prestigious and globally renowned SAOL knitwear, this product is in line with the magnificent items manufactured from this firm. Knit from the experienced and skilled arms of The SAOL artisans, the scarf is an abundance of perfection, where class, style and traditions meet.

The lovely scarf is knit from 100% authentic Merino wool that gives the product a smooth, cozy feel, elegantly highlighting the depth of the detailed knit patterns. The texture of the yarn is elegant and luxurious, giving you comfort and shelter from the slithering cold weather.

The design of this fantastic scarf makes it a stand out product. The patterns featuring in the design find their origin in the rich Irish traditions, particularly the Aran models. The patterns of interwoven diamond, cable and lace knitting have been part of the Irish traditions for centuries. The models were part of the Irish fishermen sweaters, perfect insulation from the cold when they went out on their fishing expeditions. Today, the tradition Aran patterns have retained their beauty and authenticity, while remaining extremely functional in trapping the generated body heat, keeping you warm from the biting cold.

This beautiful Aran scarf that is extra-long will keep you warm as you maintain that sleek, chick and magnificent look. You can comfortably accessorize the piece with a variety of looks, ensuring that you stand out in a crowd. This beautiful scarf can correctly be worn either for an outdoor or indoor occasion during the cold season. If you are looking for the ultimate gift for a friend, loved one or family member, then this fantastic scarf serves as a thoughtful surprise present.