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Three Shamrocks Merino Wool Knit Scarf for Women


■ The lovely piece is knit from 100% Merino wool that is super-soft and super cozy on touch, with a luxurious and elegant warm texture to keep the cold at bay
■ The three shamrocks accent at both ends of the scarf give it the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day look as it ushers in the mood and spirit of the season
■ The Irish scarf is a product of the prestigious and renowned Irish knitwear, SAOL, and is part of a new St. Patrick’s Day Collection, making it special
■ The wool scarf is available in three vibrant colors, green, Navy and Natural, giving you options o select your preferred color to perfectly accessorize
■ The patterns and design of the scarf features the traditional Aran models, making it authentic, unique and guaranteeing your warmth and comfort from the cold
■ The Aran wool scarf measures 76 x 8 inches



Keep yourself stylish and classy this coming St. Patrick's Day by accessorizing with this gorgeous and chunky sleek scarf from the prestigious and Irish leading knitwear, SAOL. Designed to precision and perfection with every little detail taken into consideration, the beautiful scarf is a sight to behold. Knit from the super-luxurious, super-soft 100% Merino, the texture of the scarf is smooth and cozy to touch and guarantees you warmth and comfort from the biting cold.

The design of the fantastic Three Shamrocks Merino Wool Knit Scarf for Women features the elaborate, distinct and exquisite traditional Aran Cable patterns. The patterns, carefully intertwined deep into the scarf, guarantee you ultimate warmth and comfort.  The lovely cable motif and diamond patterns feature on the traditional Irish fishermen's sweaters and are known to signify good tidings and hope. The conventional Aran models give this great scarf a considerable connection to the vast and rich Irish tradition, an Irish pride, making it an exceptional product.

The Aran scarf displays three shamrocks majestically knit on either end of the piece. The shamrock has a lot of significance in the Irish culture, traditions, and religion, and is enshrined as a national symbol of Ireland. Religiously and culturally, the shamrock, in Ireland, is linked to St. Patrick, renowned for having played a massive role in converting the native Irish populace into Christianity. The shamrock flower symbolizes the holy trinity, metaphorically used by St. Patrick in the earlier Christian days.

The lovely scarf is available in three mesmerizing colors; green, natural, and navy, all with contrasting shamrocks flowers in distinct colors. The vibrant colors are all suitable for you to comfortably accessorize with a variety of styles and looks. Consider adding the beautiful scarf into your gift basket, as it will act as the perfect surprise gift for your friends, loved ones or family, especially during the St. Patrick’s Day. The scarf also serves as a beautiful addition to your wardrobe, and you can comfortably accessorize with different styles, especially during the cold season. You can rock the scarf either as an indoor or outdoor look, as the colors, design, and look trendy and classy.