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We are proud of our large, eclectic selection of Irish women’s clothing. If you’re looking for something luxurious, check out our gorgeous wool Aran sweaters. If you want something warm but more workaday, peruse our awesome hoodies and fleeces. If you’re looking for something fun and modern, take a look at our t-shirts and sportswear.

Women's Aran Cardigans

These cardigans are carefully handcrafted from 100% Aran wool, and they offer premium warmth, softness, and moisture-wicking breathability that will keep you feeling comfortably dry all day. Although these Aran sweaters show off the originality of traditional Irish fashion, they are also designed with some contemporary touches that make them chic and trendy to wear. These touches include elegant cowl neck and turtleneck collars, asymmetrical closures accented with football buttons, zippered styles for a sporty effect, and much more!

Ladies Irish Sweaters

They are not only luxurious, but they also have a rich history that shows off the beauty of Irish culture. Aran-style sweaters were first crafted by women of the Aran Islands located off the western coast of Ireland in the 1890s. As fishing was the main livelihood of Aran Island men, wives and mothers would knit these sweaters using unscoured wool to keep the fishermen insulated during the brutally cold winters. Aran sweaters became popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and they were especially admired for their intricately-woven patterns that carried symbolic meanings. Some of the commonly known Aran stitches include the:

· Honeycomb – represents the hard-working honey bee and the dedicated island workers
· Cable – symbolizes prayer for safety and good fortune in the fisherman’s daily life
· Diamond – represents a blessing for wealth, abundance, and success
· Basket – represents the fishermen’s basket for good luck in landing plentiful catches
· Zigzag – signifies the cliffs of the Aran Islands

Women’s Hoodies and Fleeces

They are not only practical for every day and active wear, but they also boast beautiful colors and designs that celebrate Irish history. The hoodies and fleeces come in a variety of designs that suit different styles and uses. Some include the traditional pullover hoodies with spacious kangaroo pouch pockets and drawstring hoods that allow for adjustable comfort. Also available are full-zippered hoodies and fleeces that are perfect for layering up or down with weather and style changes. Both hoodies and fleeces come in lovely vibrant colors, such as Kelly green paired with pink, elegant navy blue, and classic black. Paying tribute to the Emerald Isle, these pieces are also great for showing off Irish pride. Some proudly display the word ‘IRELAND’ in bold block letters across the front, the Irish harp, a beloved Irish symbol, and crests and shields that present the shamrock, Ireland’s national flower, and the four flags of the traditional Irish provinces: Connacht, Munster, Ulster, and Leinster.

Ladies Irish  T-shirts and sportswear 

They also come in diverse designs and colors that offer something for virtually any type of personal style. Women who like athletic pieces with some feminine flair will enjoy the rugby long-sleeve tops and polo shirts that come in green with pink accents. For Guinness beer lovers, there is a selection of t-shirts and other tops that feature Guinness logos including the signature Irish harp in glittered designs, burnout effects, and more. Offering different collar styles including the v-neck and crewneck, the t-shirts also come in a fun mix of colors like pink, green, heather red, and chocolate brown. In addition, the t-shirts feature festive designs such as the Irish shamrock, the Irish harp, and Celtic symbols like the Celtic Cross and spirals. Whether you want to keep warm in the cold, celebrate your Irish and Celtic roots, or just need to update your everyday wardrobe, this vast collection of women’s clothing will have you covered!

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