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Irish Wool Cable Knit Cowl Neck Poncho for Women


■ Our Green Irish Wool Cable Knit Cowl Neck Poncho for Women is a modern take on traditional Irish knitting patterns and comes in three colors: natural, army green, and grey.
■ Knitted from 100% Merino wool, our Irish poncho is a soft and cozy addition to any winter wardrobe.
■ One size ensures this lovely outer layer will flatter all shapes and sizes and the chunky cowl neck makes it perfect for layering over thinner turtlenecks and sweaters.
■ Saol is a contemporary Irish knitwear company that offers a fresh and modern take on traditional Aran sweater patterns.
■ We recommend hand-washing our poncho in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Reshape (if needed) and lay flat to dry.



This stylish Green Irish Wool Cable Knit Cowl Neck Poncho for Women from Saol is a beautiful update to the classic Irish sweater tradition. The dramatic cabling on the front is based on Aran knitting patterns, which became famous in Ireland in the late 19th century. Today, the traditional Aran fisherman sweaters are known worldwide for their intricate cables and heavy knits, originally designed to keep islanders warm while out on the high seas. The cables were added to the sweaters to add additional bulk and warmth, and the sweaters were knit from Irish sheep wool, which was heavy with lanolin, an oily substance that repelled water. The different cabled patterns were even believed to have different meanings, and some claim that different families knit different patterns into their sweaters. Whatever the origin of the cabled knits, today they are a beautiful way to stand out in a crowd.

This Irish wool poncho features a distinctive cable pattern and is available in natural, army green, and grey, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Additionally, it offers an elegant and roomy shape—a perfect top layer over thinner sweaters when the temperatures drop! It is crafted from luxurious merino wool that has been pre-washed and treated for extra softness and breathability.

A wide, chunky cowl neck adds modern style to the traditional cables, as well as extra warmth, and the thinner cabling along the poncho’s sides complement the beautiful pattern on the front. Our cable cowl neck poncho was produced in Ireland by Saol, a revolutionary textile company that takes traditional Irish patterns and makes them accessible in the United States with a glamorous and contemporary spin.