Aran Woollen Mills

Supersoft Merino Knit Triangular Poncho


■ 100% super soft, super cool Merino wool that provides a warm, smooth texture to touch, giving you warmth and comfort to beat the cold

■ The wool knit poncho design combines Aran stitching that gives it a deep Irish traditional connection, at the core of the Irish history and culture

■ The unique and authentic triangular silhouette design and style brings out the best in the poncho, making it comfortable and trendy



Made of 100% luxurious, super soft Merino wool tailored into a sleek triangular silhouette, our Authentic Irish Supersoft Merino Wool Knit Ladies V-Neck Poncho gives off high-class, sophisticated vibes that will look amazing on anyone. The style and design are a favourite to many ladies, making our poncho one of the most popular. Our beautiful poncho has a unique high v-neckline that gives off high=class, sophisticated vibes that will look amazing on any lady.

Our gorgeous poncho exhibits everything there is in a perfect winter outfit, showcasing a sleek, cute and chic, feminine touch that is both impressive and unique. Beautiful Aran basket and cable stitching and design adorn this piece as they extend diagonally across the body, creating eye-catching, dynamic dimension. The geometric basket patterns symbolize the baskets of fishermen of the Aran Islands, the very origin of the Aran patterns, that came into existence over a century ago. Representing the ropes of Aran Island fishermen, the cable stitching also signified hopes of safe and successful voyages for the piscators. The Aran patterns were featured in the fishermen’s garments to keep them waterproof, warm and also represented hopes that they would make bountiful catches during their fishing expeditions. The inclusion and use of the combined Aran stitching and design in our gorgeous poncho lay significance to the deep Irish traditional and cultural connection of the manufacturer and designers.

The purpose of the Aran patterns guarantees that the product is authentic and genuine, a pride of Ireland. Out femininely chic Irish wool poncho is a wardrobe must-have for any lady. We are always looking out to create a fashion statement, stand out from the rest and impress. Ladies, in particular, leave nothing to chance when it comes to fashion trends, being classy and trendy, and they are not to be inhibited by the weather to shine and stay ahead of the game. As much as the cold weather brings limitation related to the outfit that will be outstanding, fashion designers and clothing manufacturers have come up with impressive winter wear that is both stunning, stylish and related to fashion trends.

There are various winter outfits available, and if you want to make a fashion statement this winter, check out our gorgeous Super Soft Merino Knit Triangular Poncho. The craftsmanship that went into the design and production of or beautiful poncho resulted in a beautiful product that is almost always a sell-out from our stores, especially during the cold season.