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In Ireland and abroad, a child’s First Communion is a special landmark event in their life. Receiving the Eucharist for the first time, they engage in this rite of passage in order to experience their religious faith in a new and more mature way; from this point on, they will be allowed to receive Holy Communion every time they attend mass, partaking with everyone else in the all-important body of Jesus Christ. It is, in short, a very big deal!

Irish First Communion Gifts 

For all young ones lucky enough to experience this special day, a commemorative present is usually in order -- and here at, we’re happy to say that we’ve got you covered! The perfect Irish gift for a First Communion celebrant can range from tokens of a religious nature (such as rosaries, prayer books, cross pendants, religious statues, and holy cards) to more typical children’s gifts, such as toys, games, and items of clothing. Children making their First Communion are, after all, most usually between the ages of seven and nine, when the ceremony is celebrated in the Roman Catholic or Lutheran Church -- so it’s important to make them feel special and help them understand the true significance and wonder of this momentous day. Make one of our round-up of charming Irish gifts the cherry on top of this most exciting family occasion.

Irish Communion Gifts for Girls

In our extensive First Holy Communion gifts catalog, we offer everything from beautiful Celtic Cross Earrings to Oval Medal Pendants bearing the likeness of Holy Mary; these are guaranteed to be treasured by little girls far and wide for many a year to come. Alternatively, help her get in touch with her Irish heritage by giving her St. Brigid’s Cross Necklace, the emblem of Ireland’s female patron saint. Traditionally weaved from reeds and hungover entryways into the home, this symbol was said to evoke the power, kindness, and strength of St. Brigid, keeping the whole family safe from harm.

Irish Communion Gifts for Boys

For boys, consider a classic Pewter Pocket Watch from the renowned Mullingar Pewter metalwork company, or even a Pair of Irish Cufflinks that can be passed down through the generations as this special day recurs. There is, after all, no gift quite like the one which sparks a new and beloved tradition. Aside from jewelry and accessories, there are plenty of charming tokens through which a First Communion can be remembered forever. Take, for example, our collection of classic Belleek ceramics. Featuring everything from wall crosses to photo frames (perfect for preserving a family snap captured on the day!), any product is chosen from this beloved and time-tested range is sure to make a lasting impression.

A child’s First Communion day is one that they are sure to never forget; as the years move on and their relationship with their faith develops and strengthens, they will look back on this important event as a formative moment in the way they know and see God in the future. Honor this wonderful young person and the truly amazing step that they are about to take by giving them an Irish communion gift to help capture the memory of this deeply significant occasion. You’ll be glad you did!

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