Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter Shamrock Ireland Money Clip


■ Pewter and Stainless Steel - This money clip is part pewter, a tin alloy that does not tarnish like other metals, and part stainless steel, a durable iron alloy with great shine.
■ Shamrock and Celtic Knot Design - Featured on the medallion of the money clip is a shamrock flower, above which is ‘Irish’ in Celtic letters, while a circle of Celtic knots borders the shamrock. The shamrock is Ireland’s national flower and symbol of good luck. Celtic knots are recognized by their infinite loops that symbolize eternal love.
■ Dimensions - The medallion of this spring-loaded money clip measures approximately 1 1/8” in diameter, and the clip is 2 ¼” in length, an excellent size for pocket travel. The clip can hold 5-6 cards.
■ Mullingar Pewter - This festive money clip is made in Ireland by the craftspeople of Mullingar Pewter, a respected Irish brand that has been making exquisite pewter pieces since 1974.

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Carry a rich piece of Irish culture and pride with you throughout the day with this Mullingar Pewter Shamrock Ireland Money Clip.

Made of stainless steel and pewter, this spring-loaded clip offers nothing less than quality and durability. Stainless steel is a tough iron alloy that is corrosion resistant, and pewter is a versatile tin alloy that resists tarnish, so this clip will last through years of use and maintain its polished look. The clip itself is made of stainless steel, and on the front is a round pewter medallion that displays ‘Irish’ at the top in Celtic lettering, and below is a shamrock, the national flower of Ireland and symbol of good luck. The shamrock is bordered by a ring of Celtic knots that symbolize unending love.

Measuring 2 ¼” long with a 1 1/8”-diameter medallion, this money clip can hold 5-6 cards and is a must-have for anyone!