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Do you consider yourself to be a “hat person”? If yes, we’re happy to hear it. If not, we’ve got some surprising news for you: everyone, and we mean everyone, is a hat person at heart. And, what’s more, the trick to realizing it is oh so simple! When it comes to ladies headwear, the three Bs reign supreme -- that is, baseball caps, beanies, and berets. While you may abhorrent one or even two of these styles, it’s a simple mathematical logic that the third will suit you (and everything about you; your hair, your face, your habits, et all!) down to a tee.

Stylish Women’s Irish Hats 

Here at, we’re excited to introduce you to our broad range of Irish ladies hats, which features each of the three Bs in a wide selection of colors, prints, and sizes. We’ve even got a couple of surprises for your up our sleeve. Ahem -- did someone say cozy winter headbands and adorable newsboy hats? Well, maybe not, but we’re certain we have your attention now.

Irish Merino Wool Knit  Aran Hats for Women

If you’re intent on checking out our winter headwear selection, be sure to note that many of said pieces are made from true 100% Irish merino sheep’s wool. This is a natural, irritation-free fabric that’s as soft as it is durable, meaning your new purchase will be guaranteed to withstand year after year of wear and washing without a hitch. This type of fabric has been prized for centuries in the making of Aran knit products, which -- yes, you guessed it! -- also make up much of this collection. Originating on the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland, Aran stitch patterns were first used on the sweaters of island fishermen, the better to keep them warm and comfortable while they worked out at sea. As such, there’s no doubt that they’ll do their job in keeping you cozy all winter long, too!

Every Aran stitch is also infused with its own meaning and symbolism: while the popular cable stitch is a reference to the strong weave of the fishermen’s ropes, the honeycomb stitch is said to represent luck, prosperity, and abundance. So, if you’re the superstitious type, your search for the perfect winter hat just ended here!

Mucros Weavers Hats

For an elegant fall and winter accessory that you can wear with anything, add in your collection one of our trendy Mucros Weavers Hats. These Irish hats are not only stylish, but they are also made of super soft wool providing you superior durability, breathability, and insulation. They come in various colors and styles, so you can match them with any outfit.
Mucros Weavers Ladies Blue Plaid Newsboy Hat- this hat is our favorite, is a feminine take on the traditional newsboy hat, coming with a Leather Rosette Detail. The rich black color of this hat makes it a truly versatile accessory, in this way you can easily match it with your winter outfit whether a casual one or elegant.
Mucros Weavers Blue Plaid Flapper Style Hat- for those who love the 1920’s and all that’s vintage this hat is the perfect option. This Irish hat features the traditional 1920s flapper hat silhouette. The combination of contrasting red and blue colors will make you stand out.

Irish Shamrock Hats

While the majority of our Aran knit products come in adaptable, neutral colors, our overall hat collection features plenty of splashes of color for those who perfect a brighter look. Take, for example, any of our shamrock-print pieces. Perfect for everyday wear as well as broadcasting your Irish pride this St. Patrick’s Day, it’s sure to show off your festive spirit for all the world to see, wherever you go.

Multi-Color Ladies Hats

Once you discover which type of hat is soon to be your new best friend, there’s no end to the potential outfit upgrades! A hat is the ultimate secret weapon for any fashionista, serving as the final touch in tying many an elegant, quiet, or quirky look together. Experiment with different colors and prints, alternate the way you style your hair with this new covering or play with your makeup to see what compliments your face-framing look the best. When you bring a hat into the mix, it’s a whole new world!

And, if you’re feeling daring, be sure to check out our selection of novelty Irish headwear, too. We’ve got everything from wacky, leprechaun-inspired looks to striking Viking horns, so you’ll never be at a loss for what to wear to your next Ireland-themed party.

So, there you have it: the Shamrock Gift approach to hats. We hope you enjoy browsing the many different and varied contents of our premium Women’s Irish Hats catalog -- and that you always remember that when it comes to Irish style and flair, the sky's the limit!

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  1. Mucros Weavers Irish Hat Newsboy Style Blue/Green Plaid Out of Stock
  2. Walking Irish Hat Patchwork Tweed
    Walking Irish Hat Patchwork Tweed
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  3. Donegal Touring Cap Tweed Blue Herringbone
    Donegal Touring Cap Tweed Blue Herringbone
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  4. Irish Tweed Vintage Cap Brown Salt and Pepper
    Irish Tweed Vintage Cap Brown Salt and Pepper
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  5. Mucros Weavers Ladies Irish Flapper Cap Out of Stock
    Mucros Weavers Ladies Irish Flapper Cap
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  6. Brown Tweed Donegal Touring Cap
    Brown Tweed Donegal Touring Cap
    Was $64.95 Now $58.46 - save $6.49
  7. Vintage Irish Cap Linen-Eucalyptus
    Vintage Irish Cap Linen-Eucalyptus
    Was $63.95 Now $57.56 - save $6.39

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