Aran Button Pom-Pom Hat


■ Aran pom-pom design hat with a 3-buttons detail on the side 
■ Finely knitted with 100% Merino Wool, right in the heart of Ireland 
■ Designed with traditional Aran stitches, a combination of cable and honeycomb 
■ Care Recommendations: hand wash it in cold to warm water and let it air dry



Adorn your winter style with this Aran Button Pom-Pom Hat! Such a cozy hat cannot be missed from your wardrobe during the cold season, especially as it is made and designed with Irish spirit. This knit hat was made in Ireland. It is knitted from 100% Merino wool, a high end material with heat preserving properties, being moisture resistant as well. The wool makes it excellent for snowy, rainy or windy weather, being very soft to the touch as well. Merino wool has a pleasant texture, lacking the usual itchiness of regular wool. It is also very breathable, allowing the ultimate all-day comfort.
Our hat was knitted in the traditional Aran style, honoring the authentic Irish art of knitwear. When it comes to Aran knitwear, all the patterns symbolize different aspects of life. This piece is made with a combination of cable and honeycomb stitches. The cable resembles the nets and ropes of the Irish fishermen, being a sign of good fortune. The honeycomb pattern is a symbol for the sweet rewards of hard work.
The pom-pom detail makes the hat even more cozy! Another 3-buttons detail was added on the side to tie the look together.