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When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day (our personal favorite day of the year), there are more things to love than we can count. With all of that Irish pride in the air, it’s hard not to feel as giddy as a little kid -- so we can only imagine how fun it is to dress up for this big, exciting day for the little kids themselves!

St. Patrick’s Day Children Clothes Ideas 

Help the little lad or lass in your life celebrate their Irish heritage by dressing the part this Saint Patrick’s Day. Here at, we’ve got a vast range of children’s clothing options with so much variety, they’ll be decked out head to toe in Ireland’s best no matter their party, st. Patrick Day parade, or home hangout plans this coming March.

St. Patrick's Day Shirts for Kids

Our broad range of children’s Ireland t-shirts, for example, is sure to contain at least one piece that will make any little one gasp with delight. Many of them bear the image of characters that are closely linked with the Emerald Isle: sheep, for one, prominently feature here, in all of their bashful, woolly glory. Ireland has a long history of sheep-rearing -- they even appeared frequently in many of the poems and stories written by the bards of ancient times!
Our Happy Sheep Ireland Kids Tee is a fantastic clothing option for any little animal-lover to show off their love for Ireland and its wonderful wildlife this year.
Alternatively, our Mint Green Ireland Girl Leprechaun Frill Shirt is a great idea for a kid fascinated by all things magical. Mischievous and quick-thinking (just like plenty of little imps we know!), the leprechaun is a mainstay of Irish folklore that is sure to fascinate any child. As they grow and learn more about their rich heritage, there’s no doubt that they’ll always remember the stories of leprechauns, rainbows, and their crocks of gold at the very end. Make this St. Patrick’s day a special one, and invite this universally-loved character into their imagination for life!

Kids Irish Rugby Jerseys

For a family that’s of the sporting persuasion, another fantastic option is to give your child the gift of some real Irish rugby merchandise! Our selection of kid-sized rugby jerseys have been immensely popular since the day they were made available, and it’s not hard to see why: each is created to meet the incredibly high standards of Lansdowne Clothing, and is designed to perfectly echo the look of the official garment worn by the Irish rugby team. As a bonus, these performance tees are also a great addition to the wardrobe of any kid who likes to stay active -- meaning that, once St. Patrick’s Day has passed, it will continue to see ample use, and not just on game days, either.

Irish Knit Sweaters for Kids

If you’re planning to keep things traditional this Paddy’s Day, consider making your little one’s holiday with a true Aran knit cardigan or sweater. Designed in Ireland and accurately reflective of the garments knitted by the women of the Aran Islands to keep their fishermen husbands and sons warm while they worked out at sea, these pieces are a guaranteed soon-to-be favorite that any kid will love to wear time and time again. Luxurious in feel but durable in design, the Aran knit sweater is a genuine Irish treasure that looks adorable on a child of any age!

Garments aside, our St. Patrick’s Day collection for kids is also home to a huge amount of accessories and hats, making it a breeze to add that finishing touch on your kid’s outfit for the big day. Shop our huge catalogue of St. Patrick’s Day clothing for children now, and rest assured that, come March 17, no mini will look more authentically and enthusiastically Irish than the one by your side!

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