Traditional Craft

Lepreachaun and Sheep Ireland Baby Bib


■ This adorable baby bib is crafted with high-quality 60% cotton and 40% polyester for long-lasting durability and absorbency
■ This piece features a cute Sheep and Leprechaun, surrounded by shamrocks, one of the most popular Irish symbols
■ The bib has a practical back-snap closure for a plus of comfort and convenience
■ This cuddly baby bib comes in one size, promising a great fit for many years to come


This adorable Irish baby bib makes a considerate gift for your little one. Masterfully crafted of a poly-cotton blend, this bib is not only durable, stain-resistant, and absorbent but also soft and breathable, providing the perfect levels of comfort.
The bib incorporates lovely Sheep and Leprechaun, surrounded by shamrocks, providing a sense of cultural identity to your baby’s wardrobe. The shamrock is a popular Irish symbol associated with St. Patrick and Christianity. Legends say that St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. The Leprechaun is a mythical Irish creature depicted as a small bearded man dressed in a green coat and hat who causes mischief. As for the sheep, people often joke that there are more sheep on Irish soil than people, becoming one of the most beloved symbols of Ireland.
This baby bib features a back-snap closure for added convenience and comfort, making it simple to dress and undress your child. It is available in one size, ensuring a perfect and snug fit for many years to come - it will keep your baby's clothes clean for a long amount of time.