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Celebrated all around the world, St. Patrick’s Day is one of the best holidays during which to express your pride for anything Irish, whether it’s the shamrock, Guinness beer, or Irish culture in general. One great way to show off this pride is to wear it on your head with an Irish hat, which will catch anyone’s eye as you pass by.

What Is the Right St. Patrick's Day Hat for You? 

Ring in St. Paddy’s Day event with one or several of the hats from Shamrock Gift’s St. Patrick’s Day Hats selection. These hats come in a diverse variety of styles, designs, and colors that make them great for different seasons of the year and also make them wonderful gifts and souvenirs from the Emerald Isle!

Guinness Baseball Caps

When it comes to a classic hat, you can never go wrong with a timeless baseball cap. Featured among the broad range of baseball caps are Guinness caps, such as the sleek Guinness Black Label Cap and the bottle green Guinness Foreign Stout Label Baseball Cap that comes in a rugged distressed design.
For baseball cap lovers who like to be ready to pop bottles at any spontaneous moment, there are also a Guinness Black Label Baseball Cap and an Ireland Drinking Team Bottle Opener Cap that are both designed with bottle openers conveniently built into the brims.

Guinness beer is an international household name that has been around for over 250 years. The founder of Guinness, Arthur Guinness, began the amazing adventure of making this iconic beer on December 31st, 1759 when he signed a stupendous 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. This brewery is a historic landmark in Ireland, and it is where Guinness beer is still made to this day. It is popularly recognized by its beautiful black entrance gate that displays the Guinness name and harp logo in vibrant gold lettering, the vintage-style light posts that flank the gate, and the weathered brick road that leads up to the gate.

Irish Shamrock Hats

The shamrock is a beautiful and also thoughtful symbol to wear to celebrate Irish pride on St. Patrick’s Day, as it is the national flower of Ireland. Items like:
Green and White Irish Merino Wool Hat with Shamrocks — Combining the Shamrocks and pom pom addition in the design and style of this hat gives it a cheeky and festive look, making for a unique and cheerful accessory.
Shamrock Men's Cable Knit Irish Wool Hat — This lovely wool made hat is a part of our SAOL St. Patrick’s Collection.
Irish Shamrock Beanie — A fabulous accessory to wear on festive Irish occasions.

In addition to serving as the Emerald Isle’s national flower, the shamrock is also a symbol of good fortune. It also has an especially close tie with St. Patrick’s Day because the famous patron saint, Saint Patrick, actually used the shamrock’s three heart-shaped leaves to teach the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of Christianity to Irish pagans.

Irish Flag Hats

For a hat that shows off the colors of the Irish flag, you will love the Irish Adult Tri Colour Cap. This cap features a small shield displaying the flag across the front panels, and a larger replica of the flag is displayed across the brim. Also called the Irish tricolor, the national flag of the Republic of Ireland comprises three vertical stripes of Kelly green, white, and orange. This flag was first flown on March 7, 1848 in Waterford City by Thomas Francis Meagher during the Young Irelander Rebellion of 1848. Interestingly, the flag was a gift to Meagher from a group of French women who supported the Irish efforts. The flag symbolizes hope for unity between the Protestants and Roman Catholics, with the green stripe at the hoist representing the Roman Catholics, the orange stripe at the opposite end signifying the Protestant minority, and the white stripe in the center standing for the lasting peace between the two groups.

Irish Flat Caps

In addition to baseball caps and knit hats, this selection of St. Patrick’s Day hats also offers stylish flat caps and patchwork caps for those with sophisticated style. Flat and newsboy caps have been around forever; they have a unique characteristic, that of being able to look both vintage and modern at the same time. Dress them up and complement the outfits with a vintage Irish flat cap.

For St. Paddy’s Day enthusiasts with a playful sense of humor, there’s also the Guinness Black Pint Fun Hat and the Top O’ the Morning Adult Irish Fun Hat that is designed like a leprechaun’s signature green top hat.

Whether you want a hat that is sporty, warm, fashionable, or funny, this selection of festive St. Patrick’s Day hats has something for you!

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  • Traditional Craft Green Kids Sheep Irish Hat with Pom T7340

    Green Kids Sheep Irish Hat with Pom

    Give your baby's outfit an extra cute touch with this Green Kids Sheep Irish Hat with a pom pom! Baby will love the warm Merino wool's feel, which is soft and never scratchy. The vibrant dark green color paired with a cheery, fluffy white sheep on the...

  • Traditional Craft Bottle Trinity Performance Baseball Cap  TRIN6009-OS

    Bottle Trinity Performance Baseball Cap

    Trinity College Dublin is the oldest university in Ireland, founded in 1592, and lies at the heart of Ireland’s capital city. Writers and poets such as Jonathan Swift, James Joyce, Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde are counted as alumni, as are Irish...

  • Kids Ireland Shamrock Baseball Cap T7382-OS

    Kids Ireland Shamrock Baseball Cap

    This colorful Kids Ireland Shamrock Baseball Cap is the perfect accessory for a kid with minimalist style. Made of pure cotton in a rich kelly green, this hat features 'IRELAND' across the front in white stitching, with a festive, ribbon-flanked shamrock...

  • Traditional Craft Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap T7512-OS

    Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap

    This fun Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap from Traditional Craft is the perfect Irish kid's accessory to get your child to enjoy eating and teach them about their Irish heritage. The classic 6-panel baseball cap is made of soft cotton in...

  • Traditional Craft Black Kids Shamrock 2 Way Sequin Bobble Hat T7522-OS

    Black Kids Shamrock 2 Way Sequin Bobble Hat

    There aren't many things cuter than a baby in a sequin shamrock knit hat with a pom pom! Your child will love the soft feel of this hat's elegant acrylic knit, which is plush and never scratchy. The green sequin shamrock on the front is made with two-way...

  • Trad Craft Bottle Trinity Seal Baseball Cap TRIN6008-OS

    Bottle Green Trinity Seal Baseball Cap

    Whether you're a Trinity grad, student, or just a lover of Irish history and scholarship, this Bottle Green Trinity Baseball Cap is a great accessory. Made of 100% cotton in a classic 6-panel baseball cap design, the hat features a green front and bill...

  • Traditional Craft Green Ireland Celtic Knot Baseball Cap T6140

    Green Ireland Celtic Knot Baseball Cap

    A classic baseball cap from Traditional Craft, this Green Ireland Celtic Knot Baseball Cap is a wonderful way to show your Irish pride. The rich forest green color is beautifully dyed and the white contrast stitching provides a little bit of depth and...

  • Green Herringbone White Sheep Kids Flat Cap T7547 Green Herringbone White Sheep Kids Flat Cap T7547

    Green Herringbone White Sheep Kids Flat Cap

    It’s never too early to wear your first flat cap, and with this Green Herringbone White Sheep Kids Flat Cap, you can give your son or daughter (or niece or nephew!) one of the most recognizable hat styles worn in Ireland. Made from a blended fabric...

  • Guinness Black Shamrock Bottle Cap Opener Hat G6133

    Guinness Shamrock Bottle Cap Hat

    For a hat that is practical, fun, and proudly Irish, wear this Guinness Black Shamrock Bottle Cap Hat on days when you’re feeling extra lucky! This hat is made of 100% cotton, providing breathable comfort in versatile black that will match with...

  • Guinness Ireland Bottle Opener Cap G6146-OS Guinness Ireland Bottle Opener Cap G6146-OS

    Guinness Ireland Opener Cap

    This popular bottle-opening Guinness cap is both cute and practical. Made from 100% breathable cotton, the bottle-green cap is sturdy and high-quality, featuring authentic Guinness embroidery that includes the brand's trademark Irish harp. Best of all is...

  • Guinness Black Pint Design Fun Hat G6008

    Guinness Black Pint Fun Hat

    You're about to leave for a party. You look in the mirror one last time. You look fine — but something is missing. What is it? The obvious answer is a giant fun hat in the exact shape and color of your favorite dark stout! There's something about...

  • Guinness Official Trademark Knit Hat G6132

    Guinness Official Knit Trademark Hat

    Keep your head warm in Guinness style out in the cold with this Guinness Black Beanie Hat with White Guinness Trademark Logo. This hat comes in simple, sleek black that will match with any color or outfit. Embroidered across the front near the brim...

  • Black/Green Shamrock Turn Up Knit Hat R6144-OS

    Black/Green Shamrock Turn Up Knit Hat

    This navy blue beanie hat from Guinness is made from a premium acrylic, so your head will be well-insulated from any chills, winds, or frosts that come your way. The fabric is warm, soft, and thick, and the embroidered Guinness logo in red contrasts...

  • Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035 Guinness Patchwork Cap G6035

    Guinness Patchwork Cap

    The definition of old school, this tartan Guinness flat cap is a salute to both Irish fashion and your great taste in beer! Please note that since this is a patchwork cap, the cloth pattern may vary from this image, since every patchwork cap is unique...

  • Aran Woollen Mills Women's Supersoft Hat with Buttons Natural B547 Aran Woollen Mills Women's Supersoft Hat with Buttons Natural B547 Aran Woollen Mills Women's Supersoft Hat with Buttons Natural B547 Aran Woollen Mills Women's Supersoft Hat with Buttons Teal B547

    Women's Supersoft Hat with Buttons

    Exude Irish charm in this warm woolly hat with accented contrast buttons and pom pom. Available in Natural White and Teal, this hat is made of 100% merino wool that is both soft to the touch and incredibly warm. The cable knit is elegant, the Aran Island...

  • Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat

    Black Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat

    For a beanie with tailored but bold style, you'll want this Black Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat. This hat has the traditional look of a beanie but with a sturdy, rectangular frame that is paired with a short brim. An iconic Ireland 1823 patch with a shamrock...

  • Celtic Nation Baseball Cap Perspective View

    Celtic Nation Ireland Baseball Cap

    This green baseball cap from Lansdowne truly stands out with a subtle textured vintage look that lends it personality and character. The word "Ireland" is displayed across the front in a lovely burnt orange with 'Celtic Nation' above it in white...

  • Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat

    Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat

    If you love baseball caps and beanies but can't decide which one to wear, then you'll love this Ireland 1823 Cadette Hat. This olive green hat has the base of a beanie, featuring an iconic Ireland 1823 patch with a shamrock shield, along with a short...

  • Embroidered Ireland Crest Knit Hat

    Green Ireland Shamrock Crest Hat

    Keep your noggin warm this winter by donning this striped acrylic beanie hat from Lansdowne! The acrylic knit is soft and warm, and comes in a striking dark bottle-green with a complementary beige and brown stripe and a three-shamrock shield, which is...

  • Ireland Knitted Hat Front View White background

    Adult Knit Hat with Shamrock and Ireland

    Keep warm and cozy with this awesome knit beanie from Lansdowne. The cotton fabric is soft and thick, and the green, navy blue and white colors add a festive and fun flair that complements the 'IRELAND' label displayed across the top. Wear the beanie...

  • Ireland Knit Hat With Horns

    Ireland Adult Knit Hat with Viking Horns

    Two words: horned beanie. For a cold-weather accessory, you can't beat this playful hat. As a Lansdowne beanie hat alone, it's a piece of model quality: plush, thick polyester that's machine washable, and a vibrant green color with 'Ireland' in bold,...

  • Top O' The Mornin' Leprechaun Hat

    Top O' The Morning Adult Irish Fun Hat

    This leprechaun-style hat from Lansdowne speaks for itself. Its vibrant green color and light-hearted design will bring joy and laughter into any room. If you're trying to put together a festive Irish pride outfit but feel like it's a littel boring, then...

22 of 22 Items