Traditional Craft

Kids Ireland Shamrock Baseball Cap


■ This cap is finely crafted from 100% cotton, a natural material that is soft, breathable, and exceptionally durable

■ The design incorporates an embroidered Shamrock and “Ireland” lettering for a whimsical Irish look

■ This kids’ baseball cap is one size fits all, making it an ideal choice for most kids to wear

■ Authentically produced in Ireland by Traditional Craft, a company known for high-quality casual Irish apparel 

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This colorful Kids Ireland Shamrock Baseball Cap is the perfect accessory for any kid that takes pride in their culture.It is carefully crafted out of 100% cotton, providing breathability and sturdiness, the perfect combination to ensure comfortable wear all day long.

This cap is a one size fits all, so it is designed to be suitable for all kids. The design features 'IRELAND' lettering across the front with a festive ribbon-flanked embroidered shamrock underneath. The Shamrock is a symbol associated with St. Patrick and Ireland’s conversion to Christianity, but it is also thought to bring good fortune to the wearer and keep off bad luck.

This stylish baseball cap from Traditional Craft is great for any kid with an Irish heritage who is proud to show it to the world.