Scotland Curved Flag Baseball Cap


■ Classic six-panel navy baseball cap that is stylish and comfortable 
■ Made of 100% high-quality cotton for sturdiness and breathability 
■ Authentically made in Dublin by Malham, a renowned sports brand 
■ Embroidered Scotland text and St. Andrew’s Cross Scottish national flag 
■ It is one size and has an adjustable strap for added convenience 

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Wear your Scottish heritage with pride with this Scotland Curved Flag Baseball Cap from Malham. A classic six-panel baseball cap in a rich deep navy, this cap features an embroidered Scottish national flag and “Scotland” written across the front. The Scottish flag is said to be the oldest national flag in all of Europe still in existence, with origins dating back to the 14th century. The flag also called the Saltire, is based on the St. Andrew’s cross, as St. Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland.

 Founded in Dublin in 1987, Malham is a world leader in contemporary Irish and Scottish sports apparel and souvenir clothing. With a broad range of high-quality apparel that draws inspiration from sports, culture, and history, Malham is committed to ensuring the memory of heritage lives on through its durable and hard-wearing garments and accessories.

One size with an adjustable strap. 100% cotton.