The most-worn items in our closet? Without a doubt, our favorite tees. Important criteria for being a favorite t-shirt include texture (not too thick or thin), degree of softness, color, and cut. Shamrock Gifts awesome Women's Irish T-Shirts perform remarkably well in every category!


Women's Guinness T-Shirts


Any Irish gal who loves to have a drink of Guinness needs to have at least one Guinness tee in her closet, and we have several to choose from! For ladies who love a rugged vintage or weathered look, there’s the Grey Guinness Harp V-Neck T-Shirt that displays the Guinness name and harp in a cool burnout effect. For more colors try our Ladies Red Label Guinness Round Neck T-Shirt that comes in an eye-catching heathered texture.

Guinness is an iconic beer brand that is certainly worthy of celebrating, and its monumental history began on December 31st, 1759. That was the day that Guinness beer founder, Arthur Guinness, signed a jaw-dropping 9,000-year lease at St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland. This brewery is where Guinness beer is still made to this day. Distinguished by its stately black entrance gate that bears the Guinness name and harp logo in radiant gold lettering, the antique-style light posts that flank the gate, and the weathered brick road leading to the gate, St. James’s Gate Brewery is a popular historic landmark in Ireland that countless numbers of tourists visit today. Though the Irish harp is a signature part of the famous Guinness logo, the Irish harp actually predates the emergence of Guinness and is a special part of Irish history and culture. As a proud Irish symbol, the harp is featured on many relics of the Emerald Isle, such as coins and flag emblems, but its origins can be followed way back to ancient Celtic civilization when it was used to accompany the performance of songs and the reciting of poetry.


Women's Shamrock T-Shirts


For women who want to wear their good luck charms, shirts that beautifully display the shamrock flower are the perfect fit. Take for example our gorgeous White Sequin Shamrock Ladies V-Neck T-shirt. The shamrock has tremendous significance to the Emerald Isle. It is the national flower of Ireland, and it’s a well-known symbol of good luck, especially the Luck O’ the Irish. Saint Patrick, one of Ireland’s famous patron saints, used the flower’s three heart-shaped leaves to teach the Holy Trinity of Christianity to Irish converts.


Traditional Celtic T-Shirts


For a t-shirt that celebrates a woman’s Celtic roots, Ireland the Emerald Isle T-Shirt in Brown is a great piece to add to her wardrobe. The shirt features a prominent rendering of the Celtic Cross in brown, and inside of the four loops of the cross are symbols of the four flags of the traditional Irish provinces: Connacht, Munster, Ulster, and Leinster. The halo of the cross was believed to originally be a wheel and the cross itself a thunderbolt, which were the two objects Taranis would hold in his hands in ancient illustrations. Ancient Celts also used the cross’s four limbs to signify Divine, self, wisdom, and nature, the four arms of deeper spiritual knowledge, with the halo representing unification and wholeness. They also used the four limbs to symbolize the four cardinal directions of north, south, east, and west. Over time, the cross became associated with Christianity.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your everyday wardrobe with some Irish style and culture or just love to express your Irish pride, you’ll find the perfect tee among Shamrock Gift’s collection of Irish Women’s T-Shirts. Any of our Women’s tees will also make fabulous souvenirs and gifts for friends!

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  • Green Shamrock Ireland T Shirt T1347

    Green Shamrock Ireland T Shirt

    Our mens’ T-shirt will become your favorite piece of clothing made with both style and practicality in mind. The T-shirt is meticulously crafted from 100% cotton which is a highly breathable, soft, and durable material, providing long-lasting...

  • Ireland Book of Kells Women's T-Shirt Shamrock Gift Ireland Book of Kells Women's T-Shirt front Shamrock Gift Ireland Book of Kells Women's T-Shirt back Shamrock Gift Ireland Book of Kells Women's T-Shirt zoom Shamrock Gift

    Ireland Book of Kells Women's T-Shirt

    The Book of Kells T-Shirt is a testament to the beauty of Celtic art and culture. This T-shirt features a stunning Celtic gold foil print embellishment that not only adds a touch of elegance but also holds symbolic meaning. The intricate design captures...

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    G4187 White Ladies Guinness T-Shirt Lifestyle G4187 White Ladies Guinness T-Shirt Front G4187 White Ladies Guinness T-Shirt Back G4187 White Ladies Guinness T-Shirt

    White Ladies Guinness T-Shirt

    You can never go wrong with a 100% cotton T-shirt. Cotton is perfect for everyday wear thanks to its breathability and the fact that it feels very light and soft on the skin. The T-shirt is casual, but that doesn’t mean it’s not stylish. It...

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    Now: $19.90
  • Book of Kells Ladies T-Shirt Shamrock Gift

    Book of Kells Ladies T-Shirt

    Indulge in the utmost comfort and style with our Celtic T-shirt. Crafted from premium-quality cotton, it ensures a soft and breathable feel against your skin, allowing you to stay comfortable throughout the day. The classic fit of the t-shirt offers a...

  • G1343 Lovely Day Guinness Men's T Shirt G1343 Lovely Day Guinness Men's T Shirt G1343 Lovely Day Guinness Men's T Shirt G1343 Lovely Day Guinness Men's T Shirt

    Lovely Day Guinness Men's T Shirt

    Our Official Guinness T-Shirt is a must-have for any beer enthusiast or Guinness fan. Made from 100% cotton, this t-shirt offers exceptional comfort and breathability, making it perfect for casual wear during any season. Cotton is a natural fiber that is...

  • Traditional Craft Limited White Guinness 2Way Sequin Pint Ladies Tee-Shirt  G4180 Traditional Craft Limited White Guinness 2Way Sequin Pint Ladies Tee-Shirt  G4180

    White Guinness 2Way Sequin Pint Ladies Tee-Shirt

    The White Guinness 2Way Sequin Pint Ladies Tee-Shirt is a clever way to show your love of Guinness. Made from 100% cotton, the shirt lets you have your pint and drink it too. The three pints on the front are painstakingly filled with double-sided sequins...

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    TP1272 Irish Men's Green T-Shirt

    Irish Women's Green T-Shirt

    Upgrade your casual outfits with a stylish Irish T-shirt! Crafted from breathable, and durable 100% cotton to ensure ultimate comfort, this T-shirt features an "Ireland" print in white letters and Emerald Ise EST 1922 text for an authentic Irish touch...

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    T4169 Women's Irish Failte T-Shir

    Women's Irish Failte T-Shirt

    Step up your style with this classic T-shirt! Crafted from 100% cotton, it offers the perfect combination of comfort and durability. The classic T-shirt style with comfortable short sleeves and a crew neckline will also keep you comfortable and looking...

    Was: $17.90
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