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Our handsome and high-quality range of men’s accessories has something for every guy. Whether you’re looking for scarves, hats, gloves, socks, golf umbrellas, or a giant Guinness hat that looks exactly like a pint of beer, we’ve got an exceptional range for all tastes and styles.

Extensive Irish Accessories Catalogue 

From branded gear from some of Ireland’s most iconic companies like Guinness and Bushmills to traditional Irish accessories like flat caps and knit wool scarves in a range of colorful patterns, our men’s accessories are a perfect gift for the man in your life.
Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day gift for your rugby-playing dad, a birthday present for your Guinness-loving brother, or a Christmas stocking stuffer for your husband who can’t help but go crazy for new ties, we’re got you covered. All our men’s accessories are either made in Ireland or designed in Ireland to the highest quality standards, and all feature unique touches of traditional Irish design.

Men’s Irish Wool Scarves

We’re particularly partial to our line of Aran knit scarves, which feature the beautiful knit patterns that originated on the remote Aran Islands in the 19th century. These patterns, including cable knits, diamond, and honeycomb designs, were developed as a way to keep fishermen warm during their long days on the Atlantic. The three-dimensional knit patterns would trap the cold air from the wind and heat it with body heat before recirculating it, acting as a natural insulating layer. Today, the Irish wool scarves act in much the same way, plus carry with them the tradition of one of the last cottage industries in Ireland. Give the gift of rugged Irish heritage when you give an Aran scarf.

Irish Flat Caps

Whether you’re looking for a modern or a traditional Irish flat cap made from a brilliant patchwork of wool patterns like herringbone, plaid, and windowpane, our men’s accessories will get you what you need. take for example our:
Donegal Tweed Touring Cap — Patch Grey- dress your everyday looks up with this stunning tweed cap. The exterior of this Irish cap is accurately handcrafted from 100% wool that will surely keep you warm and comfy.
Vintage Tweed Cap-Patch- if you want to stand out with a colorful piece this hat is the best option. Combining a traditional Irish flair with a modern take you will love wearing this everyday.
Black Newsboy Cap- a charming black Newsboy Style Hat that will add elegance to any outfit.

Official Guinness Accessories

If you have a Guinness lover on your list, we have a broad range of Guinness gifts, including a Guinness Black Label Opener Cap that features an embroidered shamrock with Guinness written across the front and a metal bottle opener embedded in the brim over the trademark Guinness harp. You’ll never be without a bottle opener again and will be the life of any party.
We also offer a range of Guinness wallets of canvas and leather, as well as cheeky socks that say things like “Tall Dark and Handsome,” which could be a reference to a pint of Guinness, or a winking nod about the wearer.
As one of Ireland’s oldest and most internationally known brands, Guinness represents as much about Ireland as the shamrock. When you give the gift of official Guinness merchandise, you give that entrepreneurial legacy as well as a globally-recognized symbol of Irish excellence.

Mullingar Pewter Men’s Accessories

For the man who loves a bit of bling, too, we have a range of men’s jewelry accessories like money clips, cufflinks, and pocket watches. All made by Mullingar Pewter, our men’s metal accessories are a great way to augment any outfit. Based in the heart of Ireland, Mullingar Pewter is known for their craftsmanship and grace in their designs. Their money clips feature such Irish images as a golf bag, harp, and even a Dublin city scene of the beautiful Christ Church Cathedral. At affordable prices, you don’t have to break the bank to give the gift of Mullingar Pewter.

We also offer a line of Irish hats, bags, and umbrellas for anyone looking to give practical gifts for any occasion. Shop our entire collection of Irish men’s accessories today and give the gift of Celtic pride.

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