Patrick Francis

Trinity Knot Silk Tie


■ Incredibly soft 100% silk: Our Knot Tie promises a comfortable feel, while its distinctively supple texture and characteristic sheen contribute to its heightened visual appeal.
■ 7-fold design: This luxurious tie is skillfully folded seven times upon itself to eliminate the need for lining, resulting in a thicker texture and an incomparable drape.
■ Versatile elegance: Both the classic black hue of the tie and the contrasting white accents exude elegance and pair effortlessly with a multitude of colors and patterns.
■ Authentical Irish style: This tie is a striking embodiment of Irish heritage that carries big value, through a traditional Celtic Knotwork design.

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Have you been searching for a tie that perfectly encompasses both your sense of style and your Irish roots? Our Celtic Knot Tie is a great choice! As it is created with 100% silk, this tie both feels and looks luxurious. Silk is extremely soft against the skin and also breathable, characteristics which promise enhanced comfort throughout the day. Additionally, the supple nature of silk allows for fluid movement and an exquisite drape, enhancing the tie's visual appeal. This tie is a 7 fold one, realized in a traditional method in which one piece of silk is folded upon itself seven times to eradicate the need for additional lining. This intricate folding technique not only amplifies the tie's texture, making it thicker to the touch, but it also bestows it with a drape that is simply incomparable. Regarding its design, the tie is colored in an elegant black that complements a plethora of colors and patterns. Contrasting the black, there are white accents that form patterns of Celtic Knotwork all through the tie. The Celtic Knots, one of the most renowned Celtic symbols, serve as a testament to your pride in your culture and roots. The tie is created as a one-size-fits-all to complement every body type. Choose this sophisticated tie and embrace a symbol of authentical Irish style that will ensure lasting impression wherever you go.