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When guests come to your home, you always want them to feel welcome, but if you are proudly Irish, you also want to give them a warm Irish welcome that shows them the beauty of your heritage and culture.


Irish Linen Tableware Collection

Give guests and loved ones a taste of the Emerald Isle right in your home by decorating the place where you do the most hosting, the dining area, with high quality and beautiful décor pieces from the Irish Tableware selection at Shamrock Gift. Whether you have more of a traditional, fun, or modern style, we have a range of choices that will meet your needs and tastes!

Shamrock Table Linens

Set a spirited Irish tone to your dining table by decorating it with a piece that displays the iconic Irish Shamrock.
Kinsale Shamrock Tablecloth- this tablecloth comes in a lovely white and natural color scheme, with borders that are highlighted with delicately embroidered green shamrock flowers.
Charles Gallen Linen Look Tablecloth – Embroidered Shamrock- this 100% polyester made tablecloth is adorned with green shamrock detailing that adds an Irish charm to the experience, embroidered on the corners and centers of each edge.
Kinsale Shamrock Table Runner- a shamrock design is embroidered in green at each corner of this table runner that will protect the table from incidental spills, heat damage, or stray splatters.
Charles Gallen Linen Look napkins and placemats- another way to bring some Irish charm to your table is with these napkins or placements that show off lovely embroidered shamrock designs.

The shamrock is Ireland’s national flower, and its history goes way back to Celtic culture. Ancient Celts honored the flower as a symbol that reflected the sanctity of the number three in Celtic culture with its three heart-shaped leaves, and they believed that the shamrock could ward off bad spirits and cure illnesses. The shamrock was also a symbol of strength that rallied the Irish when they were under oppressive British rule during the 19th century. British monarch Queen Victoria outlawed the wearing of shamrock flowers in an effort to crush Irish rebellion. This law, however, only fueled the Irish and made the shamrock that much more special in Irish culture.

Irish Blessing Kitchen Accessories

There’s no better way to send someone Irish well wishes than with a heartwarming Irish blessing. When guests in your home read the sweet blessings on pieces like those available in our range they will know that they are in the company of loving, thoughtful friends and family.
An Irish Blessing Mug- this ceramic mug features in a lovely Celtic font, an Irish blessing which is framed by intricate green Celtic Knots and Trinity Knots.
Irish Weave Irish Blessing Tea Bag Holder- crafted from ceramic, this piece is beautifully designed in the shape of a teapot, complete with a handle and stout.
Clover Collection Blessing Spoon Rest- this spoon rest is made of white ceramic and is elaborately decorated with an eye-catching Celtic Knot motif.

Some of the blessings featured on these items include “May your troubles be less and your blessings are more and may nothing but happiness come through your door” and “May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; and the rainfall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of His hand.” Several of these items also feature ornate Celtic Knot patterns with intricate, interlocking loops and woven designs that symbolized eternal love in ancient Celtic life.

Irish Leprechaun Home Accessories

For those who want to bring some colorful animation to their tea parties and other dining events, they can decorate their tables with items like the McMurfy Leprechaun Tea Bag Holder, the McMurfy Leprechaun Tulip Mug, and the Leprechaun Toby Mug. Leprechauns are naughty little creatures in Irish fairy tales that are recognized by their signature green top hats and red or green suits. They craft shoes and gather gold coins in pots that they hide at the end of a rainbow. According to these fairy tales, if a person captures the leprechaun, then the tiny being will grant his captor three wishes if he sets him free.

The diverse array of Irish tableware items at Shamrock Gift is a great place to find pieces that will add a touch of your unique personality and style to your dining room, breakfast nook, home bar, and more! You can also find pieces that you can mix and match into sets that will make wonderful housewarming gifts for family and friends!

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