Samuel Lamont

Irish Linen Shamrock Emroidered Table Runner

$23.50 - $25.49

■ Practical and stylish table runner made from a durable blend of linen and polyester 
■ Features a lovely and eye-catching embroidered Irish Shamrock design 
■ The table runner sizes are 14" x 54", and 12" x 72". Optimal sizes for table decor 
■ The material is easy to iron, so it’s a great table decor item for when guests come over 


Enhance your dining ambiance with our exquisite Irish Linen Shamrock Embroidered Table Runner. This meticulously crafted table runner seamlessly combines practicality and style, creating a captivating focal point for your table decor. Meticulously fashioned from a durable blend of linen and polyester, a thoughtful composition that ensures not only longevity but also easy maintenance, allowing you to enjoy its charm for years to come.
What truly sets this table runner apart is its enchanting Irish Shamrock embroidery. The delicate leaves of the shamrock, meticulously stitched onto the material, infuse a touch of Irish heritage and folklore into your dining experience. The shamrocks are a symbol of love, hope and faith, also associated with the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. With our table runner, every meal becomes a journey into the rich culture of Ireland.
Available in two sizes, 14"" x 54"" and 12"" x 72"", this table runner effortlessly adapts to various table dimensions. Whether gracing your everyday meals or adorning the table for special occasions, the carefully chosen sizes provide an optimal fit, elevating the visual appeal of your gatherings. Moreover, the Irish Table Runner makes for an impeccable gift choice. Whether gifting it to a friend, loved one, or even yourself, it encapsulates the essence of Ireland's warmth and tradition. Ideal for housewarmings, weddings, or any celebration of Irish heritage, this table runner is a timeless piece that resonates with both practicality and Ireland’s culture .